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Default Re: Building a call list for springers

Originally Posted by Salmon Mike View Post
Still not sure about fishing Salmon this season. If i do, i would much rather you fished with me on my boat. Any chance of that happening? You could also school me on twitchin a jig for ho's. Looks like you got a great list already!


Sorry I hadn't seen this post or I would have gotten back to you sooner.

Looks like the last week of March is wide open now. My scheduled days off are March 25-31. I'll plan on at least 3-4 days on the river for springers. You guys and gals who wrote, please get back to me if you see this and let me know what days you are available. I'll be making calls during the next week to get things set up. As soon as the water levels stabilize it's game on!!

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