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Originally Posted by bpurtz View Post
That seems to me to be very odd behavior - watching you for 10 minutes at 25 yards??? I saw one at 200 yards in the Snake River unit during archery season this year. The moment it saw us it turned and sprinted away. The trail cam pic I have above was set for 3 burst pictures. The wolf was in the first pic and gone in pic 2 & 3. I think they are pretty wary animals.
Seemed pretty odd to me too, that's why I kept watching him! It may not have been ten minutes but with him so close it felt like ten!! Realistically it was at least 5 minutes. I didn't see him come onto the road but when i first saw him he was about 50 yards away staring at me. Then he started coming towards me, not aggressive but just prancing down the road. Then he stopped and just stood there staring. Little to close for comfort but after a few minutes he went the other way and then dove into the woods and that was it. Went down and checked out the prints but still no camera. It was pretty cool to see though!!
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