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David Johnson

Guiding in the NW and Alaska for 19 years, Degree in Fisheries, long time ifish guide

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December 30, 2015

I finally wrapped up fall chinook season

by David Johnson

It was one heck of a fall chinook season! After a great Astoria season we moved down the coast in mid-September and continued to catch piles of fish. I enjoy the fall fishery a lot more than busy and crowded Astoria. The techniques are more hands on, the fish are better quality and for the most part everyone went home with more fish than they did in Astoria (2 fish limits on chinook)

From the bays, rivers, tidewaters and the ocean we caught fish and lots of them. The majority of our fish we caught were on herring or eggs. No matter what the location we fished in we limited the boat ¾ of the time.

We caught hundreds of fish, I actually haven't sat down and made a tally from this fall but I'm sure it was my best fall. Last year was only 10 fish shy of the best and we caught a lot more limits this year.

I had several families' book memorable trips

And it's always great to be part of a "1st Salmon"

We had about half a dozen people get their first salmon on my boat this fall.

Shawn, one of my clients that fishes with me and her husband a lot wanted to get her daughter into a salmon so she brought her on one of the ladies trips.

Mission accomplished

Tesha doesn't get out too often with me in the fall because she hunts and I get so booked up there aren't many open days to get her out but she did go twice. Once with me and another couple and another time on one of our "You Fish Like a Girl Adventures"

These ladies trips are some of my favorite and we will definitely be doing more of them in 2016. Probably once a month April-October.

I teamed up with my friend Drake for a few very productive group trips.

If you have a large group you would like to get out with us book early so we can make sure to get you in.

We actually hooked doubles almost every day, or at least every other day. And we had three triples.

Tripling up sure helps limit the boat out quick.

Our coastal fall chinook season runs September through December with great fishing all the time, we just have to move around and adjust our game plan. This December was a little bit of a bust but during the very small windows we were given we did well on combo steelhead and salmon trips.

Of course next fall is a long way off and we are going to have some great winter steelhead (there has been a lot of steelhead around so far this winter), spring chinook(the predictions for 2016 are up and it looks like we'll have some great water conditions), Columbia R summer chinook(same as springers- the #'s are up and snow pack looks good) and another outstanding Astoria season between now and then but you are not going to want to miss out next fall, book several months early.

Comments (3)

HuntNFishAddict wrote 1 year ago

Nice Whackin N Stackin DJ

KRTGrumpy wrote 1 year ago

That is some serious producing this fall. Nice work!

refloat wrote 1 year ago

What an amazing Fall Chinook Season! Great pictures David, looks like some happy clients.

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