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David Johnson

Guiding in the NW and Alaska for 19 years, Degree in Fisheries, long time ifish guide

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May 30, 2014

Steelhead Fishing Prank

by David Johnson

Steelhead Fishing Prank

Two weeks ago me and a couple buddies went on a steelhead trip to Alaska's Situk River. We had a blast! Tons of fish and constant laughs.

The Situk is the best steelhead river in Alaska and possibly the world. Three of the main reasons it is so productive for steelhead are all the salmon runs that provide food, the fact that the river flows out of a lake, creating a clear and stead stream flow and the abundant cover (aka. Large woody debris) that provide food, cover and shelter to adult and juvenile fish.

It was these snags, log jams and root balls that gave us fun and frustration.

When we hooked these fish it seemed like they knew exactly where every snag was. Many times the fish won.

But with the log jams came schools of fish "You just had to fish for" even if it meant you might lose your fish. Under many of the log jams you could see 20, 30 even 40 steelhead stacked up in the clear water.

We stopped in this one hole with a nasty pile of logs and brush, and probably over 70 steelhead. Ty backed the drift boat up against the logs and we tried to tempt a few fish in the tail-out to bite. While we were there Shawn stepped off the back of the boat onto the logs to try for some of the fish under the log pile.

Of course Shawn hooked one right away, and of course it broke him off right away too.

Shawn- "Hey, can you guys get me another jig?" "Hey guys?" I didn't really want to give up a jig just so he can lose it again. So we ignored his requests.

"Come on, help a brotha out!" "Ok, give me your line" I said

I tied on a "special" jig I had laying around.

Earlier in the day while releasing a fish the hook point broke off one of my jigs and it was laying around in the boat. "Here you go Shawn"

Shawn "hooked" three more steelies. Well, he had three takedowns anyway. Then he checked his hook…."YOU JERKS!' "So that's why I never got hung up…" he said.

We all got a big laugh out of it.

For future reference, always check your hook, especially if a buddy is tying it on for you.

Do you have any pranks you've pulled?

Comments (3)

rusty717 wrote 3 years ago

Nicely done!!

Penobscot wrote 3 years ago

I missed a dozen dry fly takes once like that.
Actually half of that hook.
Check the hook!

Fishrite wrote 3 years ago

Once we stepped on a plug while salmon fishing. We tied it on a friend's line and when he got a salmon on, the body snapped off and he reeled in only the bill of the plug. We all had a laugh, but he didn't think that it was funny.

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