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David Johnson

Guiding in the NW and Alaska for 19 years, Degree in Fisheries, long time ifish guide

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January 29, 2014

New GLoomis Rods about to be released

by David Johnson

I have been a loyal costumer of GLoomis almost my whole fishing life and all of my guiding career and I have been blessed to be on the GLoomis Pro Staff for over a dozen years.

Part of being on the VIP Guide Staff with GLoomis is the opportunity to have a hand in designing and testing out rods. A few years ago I got to work with the "Salmon Series" and the "Steelhead Series".

For the past month and a half I have been field testing some of the new IMX steelhead rods and let me tell you, they are nice.

For lightness, sensitivity and functionality, hands down they are the best!

The lightness makes them a joy to fish with and cuts down on angler fatigue, the rod length aids in the very important task of line control and I don't even have to tell you about how important sensitivity is. These rods are sensitive. The finish and line guides are tough as nails too.

The new IMX rods are going to be releases to the public at the Portland Sportsmen Show. Stop by the GLoomis booth there and check them out yourself. I'll be there on Saturday, if you are there, stop by and say, "Hi"

Comments (2)

or_angler wrote 3 years ago

Thanks Dave for the passing the word. Picked up the new IMX 1262 float rod today at the Sportsmanship show and can't wait to get it to the river.

Biggbeers wrote 3 years ago

Picked up my first Loomis Steelhead rod last week after talking to Dan at the Loomis booth at the Sportsman's show
and I can't wait to put it to the test.It's an STR 1084C and it feels great in my hand. Waiting for the rain to back off a little!

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