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David Johnson

Guiding in the NW and Alaska for 19 years, Degree in Fisheries, long time ifish guide

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December 05, 2013

So Cold

by David Johnson

With all the frosty roads, frozen anchor ropes and ice on the guides (both on the rods and the guys rowing the boat) the worst of it is keeping my sand shrimp from freezing to death.

Yesterday I tried putting hand warmers in the cooler and today I tried keeping them in my pocket but they still died.

At least the fish haven't minded

On a warm note I don't have to buy ice for the fish, my bait wrapped plugs stay fresh there are less people on the water.

Comments (7)

Buck wrote 3 years ago

No kidding!

uplandsandpiper wrote 3 years ago

Concise and accurate. My kind of writer.

Buck wrote 3 years ago


David Johnson wrote 3 years ago

That's weird, the text I wrote didn't show up

Buck wrote 3 years ago

Your keyboard must be frozen...

David Johnson wrote 3 years ago

OK, now it's up

BillH wrote 3 years ago

But look at the good side of frozen sand shrimp...They can be used a week or so later when the weather warms up and you SHOULD be out fishing!

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