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Chris Grech

Chris Grech is the Product Editor for Allcoast Media. products@noreast.com

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August 17, 2016

CST PRO 100 Chummer & Chunker

by Chris Grech

The CST PRO 100 Chummer & Chunker is an innovative new product worth taking a closer look at. Its unique design allows you to chunk or chum at various depths from the top to the bottom of the water column. Thanks to its top loading deign, the CST PRO 100 is easy to fill with just about anything from chunks and chum to live bait like fish or crabs. If you can fit it in the CST, you can get that bait to the exact depth the fish are at! The added controlled distribution gives you the precision to pinpoint specific areas such as wrecks, reefs, structure, drop-offs, etc, regardless of tide, current and other factors that hinder traditional chum pots. I recommend adding additional weighs and/or a chain leader to help get to the desired depth quickly if you fish a lot of fast moving water. Another good idea is a marked main line to enable you to chum the desired depth with even more accuracy. The CST PRO 100 has been tested and proven by both professional and commercial fisherman and is hand made in the USA of the finest stainless steel. Dimensions are 14" high x 6 ¾" wide and weighs in at 4lbs 2 oz.

Video of the CST PRO 100 Chummer & Chunker can be seen at Captain Slaughter's website as well as the additional youtube links below.

CST PRO 100 Video
CST PRO 100 Ad

Comments (3)

Zarn wrote 10 months ago

The followed are the chumming regulations that I was able to locate regarding chumming in Oregon and Washington (SOW) There may be other regulations or special rules to consider. Don't simply take my word on this. I recommend you conduct your own research on this matter.

2016 Oregon Chumming Regulations
The Following Activities are Unlawful:

Taking or attempting to take any fish by chumming, or knowingly angle with the aid of chum. Except when angling for offshore pelagic species outside of three miles from shore if no species other than offshore pelagic species have been retained.

2016-17 SOW Chumming Regulations

General Statewide Rules: Pg. 4
Chum (broadcast feed) to attract Game Fish unless authorized by Special Rules.

Chumming: Pg, 12, Scattering feed or other materials to attract fish to a location.

Bait Rules: Pg. 14, It is unlawful to chum, broadcast, feed, or distribute into freshwater any bait or other substance capable of attracting fish unless specifically authorized in Special Rules.

BillH wrote 10 months ago

Good comment! I was going to post this about chumming being illegal but it has been already been covered well.

BillH wrote 4 months ago

I'm sort of curious. In what states is chumming legal? Why are we featuring equipment ads for equipment that is for illegal angling???

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