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Carmen Macdonald

A passion for fishing and hunting grew into a career that's included Alaskan guide, media sales, writer and the politics of outdoor recreation. My company, Vaunt Marketing, represents industry-leading brands in the US and Canadian markets.

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August 04, 2015

Hydro Vibe Spinner Now With UV Hoochie

by Carmen Macdonald

I have to admit, it's an exciting time.

Years ago I was part of the group of testers that had the first samples of the Hydro Vibe blade that would become the Luhr-Jensen Hydro Vibe spinner. It was an awesome project to be involved with- a blade unlike any other, something truly new and different. Since the spinner's release, I've done a couple Outdoor GPS picnics at Clackamette Park. When people come up and relay the great fishing experiences they've had with the Hydro Vibe, it really doesn't get any better.

[-]What can be different about a spinner? Blade shape defines angle of rotation and vibration pattern. By these measures, the Hydro Vibe is completely separate from the Cascade blade pattern that dominates the market in many versions.

For questions about the spinner, most often is "what color do you recommend?" The loose answer is all of them. Luhr-Jensen didn't do 35 finishes on that blade, there are only 8 colors. All of them are proven producers.

But then, there are a couple generalities. If chinook are the target, fish chartreuse. If silvers, fish the reds. That doesn't hold up of course, Fire and Ice (Red/White), Nickel Fire Blue Dot (Red/Blue Dot) and Nickel Ice Pink Dot (White/Pink Dot) account for tremendous catches of chinook also. So then it becomes, for versatility at Buoy 10, fish Fire and Ice and the different derivatives for all around use. If you're light on chinook, don't overlook Chartreuse Green Dot and the others.

For this season, the new Hydro Vibe Hoochies have just hit the shelves. Hoochies are a big deal. At times they're exceptionally productive, especially for exciteable silvers, and again, the Hydro Vibe goes above and beyond with design. The hoochies are available in standard or UV designs. I want to focus on the UV finishes.

The blade paints immediately define the UV Hydro VIbe Hoochie. They're the ones with the tip paints, where the flat portion of the blade remains metallic with a single dot. Instead of rubber hoochies, these hoochies are made from synthetic fly materials. They flow and move insanely well in the water. On the blade paint, we tested a number of designs. With this blade, the metallic flat radiates a massive halo of light around the spinner. In combination, the enhanced visibility of the UV hoochie and the blade paint created unmatched vibrance. Test one...pull it alongside the boat...you won't miss it. Fish it early, deep or in low light, fish won't miss it either.

Again, there are eight finishes of the Hydro Vibe Hoochie, four non-UV, four UV. You'll immediately notice the ratio of reds to greens- 6:2. The weight here is for silver salmon. The little buggers love the hoochie!

Please do let me know of your successes. Honestly, being able to play a role in projects like this and then hearing the reports from happy, excited and successful anglers, is as much fun as the fishing itself.

Have a great season!

Comments (2)

white salmon kid wrote 2 years ago

I've had many successful season's with the home made spinner/hoochie at B10! Carmen the UV Hydro Vibe Hoochie looks great ~ Can't you ship me some of these over here in the Gorge??! I'll pick some up and report back after the next trip out! Nate!

GorgeCaster wrote 2 years ago

Wasn't very happy with my first hydro vibe spinner. Caught a fish but the finish on the blade was stripped off. There was I paint on the blade, looked like a cheap sticker. Pretty disappointed with the cost of the spinner. Just my 2 cents.

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