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More Pictures from Alaska

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Bedroom in the cabins

Bathroom in the cabins

Another bed pic

Family style dining in the lodge. The food is everywhere all the time! Just grab and go!

Fireplace and open bar.


July 23rd writing about Alaska...
I drove to Portland on Sunday the 15th of July and spent the night in Portland, preparing for the adventure of a lifetime.
Bill had me to the airport in plenty of time on Monday Morning.
I did all the regular stuff, checked in my luggage, and stood in line at the departure gate.
We stood, and we stood, and we stood.
As departure time came and went, with no one at the counter, and no plane at the gate, we were all shifting our carry ons from one shoulder to another in wonder and frustrated anticipation.
I had worn Bill's camo duck coat, and nearly expired in the heat.
In wait, the Alaska bound travelers all became acquainted. We learned names, where each other was going, where we were fishing. We shared a confusion and frustration as to why Alaska flight 139 had not arrived to take us to our dream fishery.
The news came.
Mechanical difficulties.

The plane was stuck in Oakland, and had not even left there yet! Yikes!
After many anxious moments, Alaska Airlines finally got an aircraft together, but had no crew.
In good spirits still, we all volunteered to help out. I shouted, "I'll pilot!" Others volunteered flight attendant status... They didn't take us up on it though. Why? I dunno! I've always wanted to pilot a jet, and they turned me down! Geesh!
Two hours later, we had a plane and appropriately trained crew.
The time of departure meant my connecting ERA flight out of Anchorage would be missed, and others complained of the same predicament.
Upon arrival at Anchorage I raced to the ERA gate to sign up for standby. It looked grim.
By this time, we were all good friends, these Alaska bound fishermen and I, from flight 139 to Alaska.
As names were called on approved standby to depart for Kenai, we all yelled things such as, "Go Brent!", "You made it, Kathy!" and finally my name came, and I heard, "Jennie!! Go kill um!" Applause resounded through the dimly lit waiting room.
Another leg of the journey, and closer to my dream.
I boarded the flight, and we laughed our way to Kenai.
I met a lovely lady, Bev, on the two flights, and since I had a rental car, and was confused on directions, I invited her to ride with me to her vacation home in Soldotna. I love meeting people! (Hi Bev!)
She showed me the way.
At her home, I met some guides from Southern Oregon. Small world, it is! JD's guide service, I think?
With a smile and a gracious thank you, I was off to find Clam Gulch Lodge.
Chris was right! I felt right at home! Everywhere I looked, people had boats attached to their rigs, tackle shops along side the road, fishing licenses for sale, rods, reels, boots!!! Where here we have drive through coffee shops, they have drive through bait shops! :) I like it!
Over the Kenai river, down the flat roads, "Brake for Moose" signs stood boldly every couple of miles. Moose? I could hit a moose? I tapped my brakes.
Crossing the famous Kasilof river, I glanced down to see bank anglers en mass, fishing for sockeye.
Finally! Clam Gulch Lodge!!!
Kim Katsion was at the grill. Huge beef ribs for dinner!
With a smile and that 'final destination' relief, I yelled out the window... "What the heck am I doing in Alaska, girlfriend?!?" WHEEE!
I ate a wonderful meal, had a couple beers, and arranged our Kenai trip for the morning with guide and friend, Chris Sessions. Chris happened to be on vacation in Alaska also, and was gracious enough to invite us along.
Exhausted, I retired in a beautiful room with a very inviting King sized bed....
I unpacked, and put my rods together. Laying out my rain clothes for the next day, and trying to prepare for sleep. Yeah, right! How could I sleep in Alaska? Why would I want to waste my time???
Sleep was not for long. I retired at 10:30, and was to rise at 2:45 for our King trip. Getting used to the long days of light was perplexing and difficult for me. I was so excited I was up and down glancing out the window.
Still light! Wow!
Look at the Cook Inlet! Is there any bear near? Looka looka, looka!
My alarm sounded and in seconds I was up and running.
I was going to fish the Kenai!
Alaska... To be continued.....