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Last year I was invited to go Shrimping in the Hoods Canal on the last day of the season. While heading north to unexplored waters I realized that the drive north to The Sounds was just as long as my drive to the Central Oregon Coast
I never really got to know my dad until he finally retired from his labors and was able to join me on some of my fishing adventures.I cherish the time we spent together
Carmen Macdonald 04/29/15
I read this letter in awe and disgust as I consider the new lows Oregon's zealot class will go to in order to exercise their contempt for anglers. In short, I see it as disingenuous, somewhat delusional and across the board inflammatory
Providing top quality shades at an affordable price, the DVX Vista is now available with Polarized Green Mirror Lenses providing anglers with occupational grade eye protection and sharp, crystal clear vision in a wide range of conditions. The key to these stylish shades' performance is advanced polarized lenses combining a versatile Amber tint with an emerald green multi-coat mirror surface
It's almost that time of year again for Astoria High School's Aquatic Biology Fishing Derby Fundraiser. This year it is going to be held this Saturday, April 25 at Coffenbery Lake in Fort Stevens State Park
Its mid-April, sadly it's finally time for me to fully switch over from winter steelhead to spring chinook. The balance has swung and there are now more salmon around than steelhead
Somehow I just knew that fish was going to hit.If you read my last column you know I told about being up to my boot tops in Southwest Washington's beautiful Kalama River
Andy Schneider 03/31/15
Kings for the KidsApril 25th 2015The Tournament, now in its 13th year, is the main revenue for 4 different Camps last year and will take on another camp this year; the 5-Rock Ranch, a camp designed specially for fatherless children. The Camps, Kings for the Kids funds are week long Christian summer camps that benefit local, neglected and abused foster kids
You have probably heard that the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is proposing to make some pretty big fee increases on licenses and tags. This money isn't going to improve fishing
Here's a special announcement from ifish sponsor Deeper Fishfinder:Lots of anglers have been wondering when those who develop apps and innovative devices would come out with a gadget concerning sonars and flashers. There's no secret that most of us have our smartphones while fishing, so why pay extra for the display and touch screen monitor control when you already own one? Deeper Fishfinder team realized that and developed a small, tennis ball size device that floats on the water, scans everything under the surface and sends all of the data to your iOS or Android smartphone and tablet via Bluetooth from up to 150ft/ 45 meters

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green line

Jennie and Willie
Jennie Logsdon Martin L.O.F.
(Licensed Oregon Fisherwoman)

May 26, 2015

Parents: Teach your children what Memorial Day is about! It's confusing!
Growing up, I remember that my Mom and Grandmother always went to the graveyards of beloved friends and relatives, and put flowers on their graves. After, we'd have a big family picnic in the park where everyone laughed, hugged, and ate too much.
Many families go camping on Memorial Day, or to the beach, where there are crab races and flea markets and such.
It wasn't until much later that I understood that it was for service women and men, and then (embarrassingly) just recently, that it was for service men and women that_had_passed!
So, what, in all of the festivities of Memorial Day, all of the picnics, the family fun, the camping, represents the somber mood that we should really be in, while remembering those that had passed fighting for out country?
Regardless, this was the first weekend that I really focused on those that had passed, while serving our country.
An interesting note from Wikipedia:
"Memorial Day is not to be confused with Veterans Day; Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving, while Veterans Day celebrates the service of all U.S. military veterans."
I think that is part of what confused me, growing up.
Anyhow, I think we should also have a holiday where we remember our personal loved ones who have passed. A special day, for that special purpose!
That way, it would be so much less confusing!
I'm having fun picking colors each time, for the date, above. :) I love these kinds of simple pleasures! Today is purple.
I have been fishing, lately! Isn't that bizarre!? LOL. Almost every time I go to the river, I take my fly rod and toss it out into the low, clear Kilchis river. It's at nearly summer levels. I've been using a Borden's Special all weekend. Not because I want to, but because I can't see to tie hooks, anymore! I even bought a pair of +3 reading glasses just for the cause, and STILL cannot tie 6 wt. line/tipper, whatever.
And let me tell you... When I look down into that box of neatly tied flies, that is depressing! Such choices, and yet no choice at all! Agh!
In this low and clear water, that Borden's Special probably spooks anything within a half mile! "Run! Swim! Out of here!" I hear a chorus of cutthroat as they head for the ocean or the hills!
"Here comes that mean fish catching Jennie and she's got that wild pink hook on!" Tee hee!
One thing for sure. Fishing doesn't cost me any money, and that's what I need, right now! In my past, I I have spent so much money on tackle and fish goodies, that I'm set for life! Not only have I spent my own money, but with ifish.net, I've been sent goodies from friends and fellow ifishers.
It's fun, because some of the things have the member's name tagged on them, and when I fish, I dream I'll catch a really big one, and can report that it was due to that person's gift, that I caught it. Some day it will happen!
Well, it's off to the city, again. I have to make a quick run to get David some gas money and food money and do a little gardening, before heading back to the coast this weekend. Bill and I are going to be in the "Bounty on the Bay" tournament. Then, it's back once more to the doctor on Monday. That is a lot of driving!
Thank the good Lord that I'm able to drive!
I really have so much to be thankful for!

May 24, 2015

Think back to high school. (Scrreeeam!)
No, really. It's worse than you think!
I'd have these horrible dreams that I wasn't going to graduate. Did everyone have those, or only me? If you do, get a hold of that feeling for a sec. It will relate, later.
They would go something like this. I'd be called to the counselor's office, and she would ever-so-calmly tell me that I was missing credits and that I'd not be graduating with the rest of my class.
I'd wake in a terrible heart pounding sweat.
Oh, no! I shoulda studied harder!
I was one of those students that coulda done so much better than I did. I didn't have to really try to get good grades. It really irks me now, that had I put forth more effort, I woulda been so much better!!
The same with piano lessons. I'm a good enough player, now, but had I practiced harder, longer, I might have been great!
I'd sit down to practice, and my Mom would tell me she was going to the store. After she'd leave, I'd lay out my music, and run upstairs to call my girlfriend or something.
When I heard my Mom drive back up the drive, (I'll never forget the sound of that Volvo!) I'd run to the piano, and resume my practice.
"Yep, Mom!! I have been practicing ever since you left!" (And then the guilt would set in...)
That worked out so well! That is, until now, when I can't smoothly get thru Rach's 3rd!
Who really pays, in the end?
Last night, I woke in a sweat. I had a dream that I was going to lose my home. OK. Get a hold of that high school failure feeling a minute. Is it the same as financial stress? I think it is! And I don't like it! That feeling of trying to rearrange payments, and the thought of robbing Peter to pay Paul? No! No! It's terror! I can not, will not allow it to go that far. Sell! Sell!
Had I only worked harder.
Had I only saved, if but ten dollars a week from the start.
Woulda, coulda, shoulda...
My nightmares are defense mechanisms. Pull up! Pull up!
The other day, I opened my gmail and in front of me was a reminder of the days I owned ifish.net, and did all of my own book keeping.. There in front of me, was a monthly to-do list of companies that needed to be billed for advertising. I haven't turned off those reminders, because it had been kind of fun to remember those days.
You know, those good old days that didn't feel all so good, at the time? LOL. Life is strange.
It wasn't a lot of money coming in by any means, but it was plenty enough for me that today, I could cover my mortgage and bills quite effortlessly.
Let me repeat: Life is so strange! I look back and see very clearly what I didn't know were the good old days!
Every darn day is a good old day!
Of course those days weren't all good. I was crazy busy and tired all of the time. I was so stressed out! At the same time, right there in my mail box was proof to me, of the fix for what wakes me panicked, at night.
What is better? Peace of mind, or financial freedom or do either matter at all?
Before I lose my home, I am going to sell my home. I'm not late on any payments, yet, and I'm not going to let that happen. I have this built in nightmare system that won't allow me to really fail. Thank God!
Moving on, I am fascinated by the following word- Get ready for it!
Yestreen (Dictionary word of the day!) I grabbed my fly rod, and headed out to the river. It was opening day for trout and I was so excited!
I had barely been able to tie on a Borden's Special. It took me almost 10 minutes with my new not-so-great eyesight!
Bill said to me, "But, are there any fish out there!?"
I stopped. "Wha?" What a question!
Never, ever would I expect that kind of negative inquiry to come out of his mouth. "Are there any fish?!" Huh? That's not why you fish! Bill knows that!
And lest we not forget, we don't live so that we can pay our mortgage or so that we can make sure to graduate from high school!!
Life is about so much more than that!
Life is simply about fishing, regardless if there are any fish, or not.
It is the act of fishing, of living, that matters!
How darn profound of me.
I did this little video, yesterday, showing all my favorite places in the forest, by the river. Enjoy! It helped me to see that I really do love living at the coast! I do! It's that losing my house seems like a failure to me. It bugs me. Oh well.
BTW, I didn't get a bite, but I had a great time!

New!May /
Jennie's Fishing Life, Complete!
Ifish Jennie on Grant's Getaways
I love my life, and it's a pleasure to fish it.

I thought I would start a thread for all things related to Pacific City Dory fishing.
Does anyone know what may have caused that nasty hill that was giving me grief on the beach last year? Has it ever been there (to that extent) before? Read the full story


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