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As anglers of the Northwest, we all day dream of doing things a little different, something to give us an advantage while out fishing. For some, it's better fishing equipment
I am so spoiled and blessed. We have caught so many fish this fall and had so many fun days
Looking to pick up n early holiday gift for someone you know or maybe for yourself? The Weego Jump Starter Battery+ bundled with a free Weego smartphone charger is coming and it makes a great gift for anyone.Weego is pocket sized and capable of starting 12V batteries in cars, boats, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs and more, as well as charging phones, tablets, speakers and laptops
Astoria-My TakeMy take on Astoria. There are so many good things and some bad
Andy Schneider 08/30/15
This year I was lucky enough to be able to take two full weeks off to pursue some Buoy 10 salmon. While this sounded like something amazing to do back in January, when I was making reservations, halfway through my trip I was beginning to question my sanity! Arriving in Warrenton mid-August I found myself right in the middle of prime King season at Buoy 10 and like most anglers found plenty of willing Chinook everyday, while Coho seemed to be a little more elusive
We're in the middle of summer and it's time to talk about grilling. I enjoy grilling year round but it's the most fun in summer since that's when the most people show up! I've always been a big fan of Weber gas grills for their legendary durability, consistent cooking temperatures and availability of replacement parts when needed
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I have to admit, it's an exciting time. Years ago I was part of the group of testers that had the first samples of the Hydro Vibe blade that would become the Luhr-Jensen Hydro Vibe spinner
Andy Schneider 08/01/15
What's it going to be like to have 1,677,200 fish moving through the Columbia Estuary this year? Amazing, awesome, phenomenal, superb, incredible, stunning, marvelous are words that are going to be describing 2015's Buoy 10 season. But there is another word that we will hear many times this season, "fast!" Not only will this season be here and gone before we know it, but there will be many ‘fast' days on the water
Catching bluegills with a fly rod can be a real kick in the butt.Using the long rod and flies might not work as well in as many different situations as the miniature jigs and curly tailed plastic worms I talked about in the last column

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Jennie Logsdon Martin L.O.F.
(Licensed Oregon Fisherwoman)

November 26, 2015
gobble, gobble...

Last evening, David and I were lounging around, and I asked him what he was thankful for, this year. He listed off so much! We are truly blessed.
Last year I came upon a little baggy of lists. It was from way back when the kids were little. On the days preceding Thanksgiving, I would have everyone at the dinner table write down what they were thankful for. I cried, as I read them. Especially little Andrew's list.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all! sniff, sniff...
This will be my first Thanksgiving alone.
David is going to the traditional family dinner in Lake Oswego.
I asked our roommate what he was doing and he is going to Salem.
I was in process of thawing out a turkey breast. Perhaps I don't need it? Perhaps a Marie Calendar's Turkey pot pie would be better for one?
I am having coughing fits, day and night. This is the longest sickness I have ever endured. Kind of like an energizer bunny, it keeps on and on....
I'm hoping that this is the last stage of this illness!
I have the type of coughing where you cough so hard I might crack a rib! It makes you sneeze and my eyes tear up and my nose runs! Trying to get a Kleenex to any facial part is near to impossible.
Germs fly!
It's pretty much like "whack the mole" but much, much more difficult. Yesterday, I was having one of the coughing spells where you think your lungs will explode. It's kind of scary, because I can't breathe! I was desperate to get some soothing cough syrup down me to stop the spasmodic fit. Good luck! The sugary elderberry syrup went all over the floor, in my hair, and on my shirt. I was able to get a drop or two to my mouth!
The thing is, I feel mostly OK? I'm eating. I'm not weak, like Bill says he is, but... I just don't want to be in public when I start this coughing! It's embarrassing and unattractive!
Bill is staying home at the coast. This is horrible for me, because he doesn't sound at all well, when I talk to him on the phone. I spend my days miserable, worried about him. He isn't eating! Bill! You have to eat, honey! You have to drink! Please!!!
Bill spent so much time smoking the traditional salmon for before the big Thanksgiving dinner, and now he can't make it, either. Pheh.
I wish I could drive to the coast to be with him, but with the icy roads and the heavy traffic, we have decided it would be best to put it off until the next couple days when things quiet a bit.
So... sniff, sniff.... I'm sad. I miss Bill!
OK. Buck up. It's just another day, right? RIGHT? Why would I put it upon myself to make myself sad? It IS just another day! I can be thankful, anytime and I am! It's just the break of tradition, I guess, that bugs me. That, and missing all of my loved ones. My family. I have David, most of the day, though. Things to be thankful for... check!
This is Thanksgiving, and the big picture in my mind is a huge family get together, with tons of laughter and love. I'm just going to miss that. :(
Oh! Just remembered. Tomorrow is the Civil War, so Bill probably isn't desperate to have me around tomorrow. I guess I'll try to get in on some local sales for Christmas. Then, I'll travel to the coast on Saturday.
With all that is evacuating my head space, there are Kleenex everywhere! On the floor, in the couch, in between the covers on my bed. Trash baskets overflowing! I should have purchased green and red tissues, and call it Christmas decorations! Yeah!
Bill? I miss you! I'll call you in a minute, and we can commiserate our "alone-ness" together! I totally understand, now, the sadness people go through during the Holidays. It's just no fun to be alone, is it?
I think I'll turn on the Hallmark Channel and watch other peoples Holiday stories. Hallmark movies are always feel-good movies. :)
Regardless, and in spite of, I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!
I can smile through this. I can! I will!

November 22, 2015
Candles from my Aunt Dulcina.

Those candles above, I love them! I get them out each Halloween, and keep them up till I decorate for Christmas. I'll never, ever get tired of bringing them out!
I had a nice thought, by the way... A nice though that is a bit sad, I suppose, but comforting in an odd way. Sargent Pepper is getting older. Not old enough to start worrying about, but you know me! I just do!

Pets are one of those things in my life that mean so much. They are part of my life routine, and pets and people like routine.
Yesterday, Tammy came to visit and we had a great time, but Sargie has really missed Tammy. Normally, Sarge hides when company comes, but while Tammy lived here, Sargie was mostly Tammy's cat. Sarge spent the entire time yesterday begging for her attention. She gave it, freely. It was so nice to see Sargie (and Tammy!) so happy.
After she left, it left me wondering if because Tammy moved and came back, if perhaps Sarge has hope that someday Andrew will come back? I mean, Tammy came back! I don't know if pets have that kind of thinking, but who really knows?
Then my thoughts turned to when Sargie's time comes. I had this vision of Sargie, resting softly and comfortably in Andrew's arms. Delivered from earth, to the one who loved him most.
OK. Enough. I don't often cry first thing in the morning, but I did today. Be still, the Holidays! Such an emotional time...
On the flip side, my cousin Evie sent out a 'funny', and I thought I would share it here for Thanksgiving. Stay warm, this week, and have the best Thanksgiving, ever!
(Oh... and think SNOW!)

Dear Family,

I’m not dead yet.  Thanksgiving is still important to me.  If being in my Last Will and Testament is important to you, then you might consider being with me for my favorite holiday.

Dinner is at 2:00.   Not 2:15.  Not 2:05.   Two.  Arrive late and you get what’s leftover.

Last year, that moron Marshall fried a turkey in one of those contraptions and practically burned the deck off the house.  This year, the only peanut oil used to make the meal will be from the secret scoop of peanut butter I add to the carrot soup.

Jonathan, your last new wife was an idiot.  You don’t arrive at someone’s house on Thanksgiving needing to use the oven and the stove.  Honest to God I thought you might have learned after two wives – date them longer and save us all the agony of another divorce.

Now, the house rules are slightly different this year because I have decided that 47% of you don’t know how to take care of nice things.  Paper plates and red Solo cups might be bad for the environment, but I’ll be gone soon and that will be your problem to deal with.

House Rules:

  1.  The University of Texas no longer plays Texas A&M.   The television stays off during the meal.
  2. The” no cans for kids” rule still exists.  We are using 2 liter bottles because your children still open a third can before finishing the first two.  Parents can fill a child’s cup when it is empty.  All of the cups have names on them and I’ll be paying close attention to refills.
  3. Cloe, last year we were at Trudy’s house and I looked the other way when your Jell-O salad showed up.  This year, if Jell-O salad comes in the front door it will go right back out the back door with the garbage.  Save yourself some time honey.  You’ve never been a good cook and you shouldn’t bring something that wiggles more than you.  Buy something from the HEB bakery.
  4. Grandmothers give grandchildren cookies and candy.  That is a fact of life.  Your children can eat healthy at your home.  At my home, they can eat whatever they like as long as they finish it.
  5. I cook with bacon and bacon grease.  That’s nothing new.  Your being a vegetarian doesn’t change the fact that stuffing without bacon is like egg salad without eggs.  Even the green bean casserole has a little bacon grease in it.   That’s why it tastes so good.  Not eating bacon is just not natural.  And as far as being healthy… look at me.  I’ve outlived almost everyone I know.
  6. Salad at Thanksgiving is a waste of space.
  7. I do not like cell phones.  Leave them in the car.
  8. I do not like video cameras.  There will be 32 people here.  I am sure you can capture lots of memories without the camera pointed at me.
  9. Being a mother means you have to actually pay attention to the kids.  I have nice things and I don’t put them away just because company is coming over.  Mary, watch your kids and I’ll watch my things.
  10. Rhonda, a cat that requires a shot twice a day is a cat that has lived too many lives.  I think staying home to care for the cat is your way of letting me know that I have lived too many lives too.  I can live with that.  Can you?
  11. Words mean things.  I say what I mean.   Let me repeat:  You don’t need to bring anything means you don’t need to bring anything.   And if I did tell you to bring something, bring it in the quantity I said.  Really.  This doesn’t have to be difficult.
  12. Dominos and cards are better than anything that requires a battery or an on/off switch.  That was true when you were kids and it’s true now that you have kids.
  13. Showing up for Thanksgiving guarantees presents at Christmas.  Not showing up guarantees a card that may or may not be signed.

The election is over so I’ll watch what I say and you will do the same.  If we all stick to that, we’ll have a good time.  If not, I’ll still have a good time but it will be at your expense.  In memory of your Grandfather, the back fridge will be filled with beer.  Drink until it is gone.  I prefer wine anyway.  But one from each family needs to be the designated driver.  I mean it really.

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