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fish First Caught Springer Contest!

I have owned a several travel rods in the past but the quality was always lacking. Enter the Fenwick Methods Travel Rod
It's that time of year again, Spring Chinook Fever is setting upon Northwest Anglers faster than the resurgence of the measles. While both illnesses have similar symptoms; fever, red and soar eyes, exhaustion
I remember it like it happened yesterday.I had finally managed to get home again after World War 11 finally ended and I had the "Fishin' Itch" so bad it was about to drive me bonkers
Fishing with "The Girls"Several years ago I wrote an article for Salmon Trout Steelheader Magazine titled "Fish like a Girl". I started out the article saying, "If anyone ever says you fish like a girl take it as a compliment
Carmen Macdonald 02/13/15
Candidates for the Director of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife were interviewed publicly today in a Commission meeting. In all honesty, it came across as more of a campaign than a hiring process, but more on that later
Spring Chinook fever has struck early this year; internet forums, sporting good counters and general fishing conversations are already ablaze in talk of ‘The First Springer' and the season to come. Maybe due to the mild winter weather, Spring Chinook Anglers are chomping at the bit to get out and start trolling Herring or anchor up with some Kwik's
Allan Ranson's third lure choice is probably going to surprise you as much as it did me.If you've read my past three columns you know they've been devoted to sharing certain thoughts of one of the country's top experts on bass fishing and the building of the baits that catch ‘em
Last weekend I was invited on a camp trip over on the Deschutes River. Amongst the group there were bird dogs and chucker hunters, trout flies and trout anglers and steelhead flies, gear and steelhead anglers
The marine world is way overdue for a light this over built and this reliable.DuraBrite Lights have been leading the electronics industry for over 40 years
Is 2015 going to be a "Do Over" of 2014? Yep, I think so. And in some instances Much better

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green line

Jennie and Willie
Jennie Logsdon Martin L.O.F.
(Licensed Oregon Fisherwoman)


March 1, 2015

Happy March! I did it first!
Poor Bill! I wake up early and I wake up happy. He was sitting at the kitchen table, draped over it like he were a table cloth-sloth, with his coffee cup sitting in front of him. Bill wasn't awake, yet.
I was dancing and prancing around, feeding the animals and busily sing-songing to all, as if Bill were a member of the living.
"Jennieeeee. I'm just not awake, yet." He warned, as he lay his head back down on the table.
"But, Bill!" I cheered. "Look at the all the animals in the zoo! They are jumping up and down for you!" I got him! He couldn't help but laugh.
I'm obnoxious in the morning. I know.
I grabbed the dogs their treats, quickly fed Molly Mae, (who swears she is a dog, too) and I was off to the computer room to hand out the dog's breakfast treats.
Both dogs know that they are to sit before recieving their treats, but Willie is a bit slow with the rules. He's one of those dog- in- your- face type dogs. Food first, rules later. (If at all)
Learning dog tricks is a cooperative thing, sometimes. I let my dogs pick their own tricks. Does your dog do anything funny? Name it, and turn it into a command! That's how I do it, and pretty soon, everyone thinks you are the most clever dog trainer ever!
When I was young, I had a dog named Ginger who did the most amazing things, all on her own. I named them all as commands, and pretty soon, she would do them on command. Like, "Open the door, Ginger!" Ginger had already mastered the trick, herself, and all there was to it, then, was to match the words with the action. Ginger would go over to the music door, where my Mom taught piano lessons, and open the door!
Oh-- and I had already trained Ginger to shake hands, so then I swapped my hand out for a book, pretended it was a Bible, and commanded her, "Ginger, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?" Ginger would gingerly place her hand on the "Bible".
Ohhhh. I became famous for Ginger tricks! But, Ginger did them mostly on her own! (Sh! Don't tell anyone!)
So, now there is Willie.
Willie forgets to "sit" before being awarded his morning treats, so Revvie and I silently wait, until he figures it out,. It's so funny, once he finally understands! Revvie and I will be sitting patiently, and we are both staring at Willie, waiting for him to get with the program. He knows he's not getting his treats, and you can see his little brain wondering what the hold up is.
"Ohhhh! I'm not sitting!" and he immediately flops down onto the ground! Not in a 'sit" but, in a full on 'chest to the floor'- flop!
Once his mind figures it all out, he can't be any quicker to fall to the ground with a whack! Every time it cracks me up! This delights him as much as a treat.
I decided to command it. "Willie! Hit the deck!" and it's so perfect! He is now learning that "Hit the deck" means "get down on the ground for treats!" It makes me, the 'trainer' appear remarkably clever, and Willie, the same!
So, today is Jennie's "Trick your dog into training" class! Have a go at it!

February 28, 2015

Well, this isn't working out so well. You know, -this not writing about my life as much, and instead posting things that give back to the fisheries. :) I'm just no good at following rules. My head has words in it, and they must come out!
So, I'm going to write whatever comes to mind, today. You know, like normal.
I can't see, darnit! I just wish I could see! It's like my vision is blocked by a chalkboard or something. I see all gray, unless I'm standing in front of a bright sunny window, and then it's bright, but no images. If I am seeing bright, I can make out my hand waving in front of me. Not the image of it, but something waving back and forth. Movement, I guess. I also can make out my curly eyelashes blinking. Isn't that weird?
By Monday, I'll have gone an entire week without going to the Casey Eye Institute! That's the first full week off from the doc, since this entire fiasco began on January 27th. Wow. That's a long time!
The doc said that it could take months for the blood to reabsorb. Has it? Or is that what is still blocking my vision? I'll have to ask him on Monday. So many questions, I have. Like, "Has anyone regained vision after what he calls "A massive choroidal hemorrhage?" Every case report of these ends up in blindness, that I can find! Not good!
Oh, how I dislike learning new medical terms. One of my doctors said he can tell that I've had a hard time, by how many medical terms I use! Oh, great!
I'm keeping an intensive journal of nearly everything that has happened, day by day, moment by moment, since the big event, two days after my surgery.
I had all of the signs that things were not well, when I left the hospital after my first surgery of sewing the haptics down. I had low pressure in my eyes. I had a very high INR, and I was on beta blockers. All of these things are proven to lead to a choroidal hemorrhage. So, why didn't they see that? Notice it? Keep me in the hospital, to watch for that? I was not well when I left after the first surgery. Obviously. :(
And now... now I can't see. Oh, great.
It was always my worst nightmare, since oh... college days or so, when I learned more about marfan syndrome. The nightmare is that I would be blind and unable to care for myself as an older woman. Well, the blind part is now true. Thank God, though, that I have both David and Bill who take "care" of me! Whoop!
And I take care of them, in return.
Last night, Bill and I had the most awesome spaghetti and clam sauce. I can still cook very well! When I was in Oregon City, I made the most delicious spinach and feta pizza for David and I. It was to die for! I have pics on my facebook page, if you are interested in being my friend. :) (hint, hint.)
There, I also talk about my eye problems, but mostly... I just enjoy silly videos of pets, and quirky quotes, etc. I enjoy my facebook friends, so much! Almost as much as my ifish friends!
Being at the beach this week has been absolutely and most thoroughly enjoyable. The weather is like Palm Springs or something!
(Side note!- My brother Gary has invited me to his Palm Springs condo the last week of March, if I'm well enough. I told the doc, and he said, "Well, barring any unforeseen problems, you will be able to travel, but you won't be well." ?? What does THAT mean?? I don't know, but well or not, I want to GO!
We are having amazing sunshine and odd warmth that you would never expect for February! Every couple of days they forecast rain, and we get a small Hawaii-like douse of it, and then more sunshine! Heavenly sunshine!
(Flooding my soul with glory divine!)
Right now, it's so bright out that my eye is half closed. My "blind" eye is so sensitive to sunshine that I have to wear two pairs of sunglasses! Isn't that strange that a "blind" eye would be sensitive like that? I mean, if you can't see? Bizarre. Learning new things, each day!
Willie is at my feet, whining to go out, as usual, and I must say, it is time. He has been very patient!
The river is calling our names. Let's go, Willie! Let's go! We only have two more days of Heaven, here!
By the way, still enjoying my Birthday week, complete with a chocolate cake for breakfast, each morning!
I'm going to do a little watercoloring later, with some prints I did as a high school student. They are postcards of sight seeing things in Canby. Here they are, if you want to see them just in ink.
Canby Ferry.
Boy Scout A frame at the Canby Park
The Paper Mills on 99E

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Jennie's Fishing Life, Complete!
Ifish Jennie on Grant's Getaways
I love my life, and it's a pleasure to fish it.

I have heard this alot, and poured maybe a couple thousand pounds of lead without any respirator or anything like that, and I am still kicking. I am not sure what fumes you are referring to. Lead does not vaporize until 3182F. So what are the lead vapors that are so toxic and where are they coming from. Even if you did vaporize it at low temps via atomization or something, you still would have a VERY hard time breathing it as it is so dense, it would go straight down, and most of us are pouring below our faces. I really would like to hear from anyone who knows what they are talking about to chime in. I just don't see it unless there are lead salts that stay solid and get suspended in the air while you pour, and I see little evidence of that. Read the full story


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