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Grant's Getaways
Late June and the month of July in Oregon has an unbelievable amount of outdoor opportunity, especially in the fishing world.Columbia summer chinook, halibut, tuna, rockfish, ocean salmon, summer steelhead on the big river and in tributaries, trout, warm water fish, crabbing, great clam tides, sturgeon…
Sunrise in Astoria's West Mooring BasinTides are one of the most important factors for fishing Buoy 10, and creating a game plan on when you should be in certain places is of vital importance. Have you ever noticed the guides shooting up and down the river? Well there's a reason for that, and it usually involves knowing a certain part of the river should fish on different stages of the tide
Swimbaits for AlbacoreThere is nothing better than catching any fish with the lightest tackle possible and still being able to land the fish. This applies to Albacore fishing too; nothing beats almost getting beat by a hard fighting Tuna! If you have ventured over the 125-line before, you most likely know that using Swimbaits is must in August and through September
The PENN Battle II has been awarded the Best Saltwater Reel Award at the 2014 ICAST show in Orlando, Fla. The popularity of the PENN Battle spinning reel family continues to grow as anglers recognize the durability and fishability found in this finely crafted reel
Everything else is packed. You've got everything ready from rain gear to long underwear, but one question remains
Trolling spinners for salmon has gone big time. Just a scant few years ago, Tillamook Bay was the epicenter of salmon spinners
There is one more opportunity to let our voices be herd to help our fisheries.There are thousands of Cormorants nesting on a manmade island, East Sand Island, at the mouth of the Columbia and they are eating us out of house and home
There are troubled waters ahead. The Northwest Power and Conservation Council wants to cut funding for the tribe's hatchery programs, and without them we will be left with the states providing us fish, and we all know that the future of that isn't bright
I've not fished anywhere in the Pacific Northwest now for years but I know one of the places I'd put on my "Must Do" list if I was to get out there next week.That place is the one I talked about in my previous column
Did you get a chance to eat any of the summer chinook from the Columbia this year? I did and it was AWESOME! While I was at a friend of mine's house he pulled some out of his smoker. We devoured it! It was so tasty and packed with oil

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Jennie Logsdon Martin L.O.F.
(Licensed Oregon Fisherwoman)

August 30, 2014

I haven't really said it, but I've sure danced around it a bit. Maybe presenting it as a question would help me to convey the message, without actually expressing a fact.
Do I live for summer?
Today I woke to rain, and it has me thinking of the seasons to come.
Nah... I love Christmas and Thanksgiving! Even Halloween is fun! Yesterday as I was dusting, it even crossed my mind, "Is it too early to put up some lights?! Agh! YES!
I get so excited for snow, though, that I could go out of my mind.
Nothing like a cool, crisp evening walk with Willie. That is, if I'm bundled up!
I love coats! I'm a coat-girl! I think I have more coats and jackets than anyone I know of. Well, maybe except Bill. We are both nutty for snuggly, warm coats! I think that's because you put one on, and it feels like summer! Maybe?
Most of all, I love the fishing seasons! Come to think of it, I live for them!
The river is so low, right now that I've forgotten what a full running river looks like! I can't wait! I can almost hear the powerful surge of water boiling over the boulders.
Fall salmon is awesome. Not so much for the keeping of, but the whole spirit of Fall fishing. Frankly, I've been spoiled by the taste of Spring Chinook.
But, day before yesterday Bill caught a beautiful Fall salmon that cut as red as could be. Last night we ate it, and it was really delicious!
Oh! Wait! And chanterelles! Now, there is something I love to do! I bet... I just bet there will be some on my next trip to Portland! Whoo!
In the Fall, the town of Tillamook fills with trucks, trailering boats of all shapes and sizes. It's fun to cruise down 101 to see who is fishing. Who is anchored on the Wilson? If I don't have time to be fishing, I grab a cup of coffee and drive over to Memaloose, just to see what's up.
Same with over at the Ghost hole. When Bill and I drive by and don't have time to stop, we always check for nets in the air. Or, we count the boats, and decide our plans for the week by who is fishing, and then phone calls we make later, to hear the what, where and when.
When the rain is driving sideways, we stop, holding our coffee warm to our hands, and we watch, talking quietly. Oft mentioned is, "It sure is nice and warm in this car..." LOL. Especially when the fishermen are huddling down in their boat seats, soaking wet, and all nets are low!
Oh, I miss the Rendezvous! Bill and I used to go each year. Our winter calendar was dotted with tournaments of all kinds! But, the Rendezvous was always our favorite! Bill guided in that tournament for so many, many years, as did Jim Erickson. Things have changed, though. It's the new era of guides taking center stage now, but it's always fun to hear about! If anyone is fishing in it, this year, if you'd take time to let me know, I'd love to hear all about it! So would Bill! That dinner was always so fun. Dang, I miss being a part of that. But, to everything, there is a season.
After Fall fishing winds down, everyone takes a break to feast on Thanksgiving dinner, and then... sh! Quiet! It's time to sneak down to the river and cast out for the first winter steelhead! Oh, the ice and the snow won't keep us [from wanting to go!]
My motto was a bit braver, stronger when I was younger, but now days? I'm a bit more of a fair weather gal. Not so much as to keep me away totally, though! I can handle it!
Thanks to USIA, I'm prepped for the cold! I have all types of warm coats and underalls, and overalls! I have fingered gloves and non fingered, too! I have hats that cover my head and my neck! I'm ready!
And then we have the Kwikfish contest, which is always a hoot, and the sales of it at the show! Oh, the show! That's fun, too!
I could go on and on.
Yep. There is so much to look forward to in the Fall and winter months! How could I ever think that summer is the only season I live for? You know, Fall used to be my very favorite season, and when I stop to list why, I get really excited for it!
True. The death of a few of my most loved ones have put a bit of a damper on my favorite seasons. My beloved Andrew passed on two years ago, tomorrow. But still, deep down in my heart of hearts, if I try hard enough, I can uncover the joy that was once there! There are many layers of sadness, but I am working to uncover them, and to get back at the things that I love. There are many reasons for the joy in each season! Andrew adored Fall, and in his memory, I will uphold that joy!
This column has me hyped up for reality. I love the upcoming months. Summer is winding down, but it's not going to get me down! There is a ton to live for in the winter! In fact, fishing wise, summer has been pretty darn quiet!
It's time to rev up! I'm going to dust off my rods and get those reels cleaned and oiled for some action! I think we'll put up some eggs, today.
I think that I'm beginning to get a little forgetful. I darn near forgot that I love winter! Good thing I wrote it down!
And, as for any sadness the season may bring? Well, as Taylor Swift puts it, "I'm just going to shake, shake, shake, shake, shake... Shake it off! Shake it off!"

August 27, 2014

I'm so happy to be going back to the beach! It's been a busy trip, here. Lots of house work projects, etc. I like it here. I do. But, it's sure a lot to do, to keep a house!

More, when I get to my H O M E. :)

August 20, 2014

Goooood morning, America! OK, it's not Robin Williams, but he is still ever on my mind. Robin Williams was larger than life to me. One of those comedians like Bill Cosby. When I saw Bill Cosby in concert, I cried and shivers went up and down my spine when he walked out.
I cry at the weirdest things. Parades really get me. Especially the marching bands. "Hoorays" Andrew called them. Cute little guy, anyhow. At the age of three, he always wanted to go see the "Hooray". How appropriate!
When someone like Robin Williams is larger than life like that... when someone makes everyone laugh, and brings so many people to comedic tears, well, the memory and the loss is large enough to make big crocodile tears. He had such a huge impact on so many people. He was my "hooray".
I spent yesterday at OHSU, being poked and prodded. I wonder if the doctors understand how frustrating that can become. OHSU often trains other doctors and it's a big surprise, a "good day" a fun thing- to see someone with a not-so-common disorder like marfan syndrome. Recent estimates suggest only one in 3–5,000 people have Marfan syndrome.
Sometimes I feel like a freak show. I think I should charge admission.
Yet, at the same time, I totally understand and appreciate that the more people that know about marfan syndrome, the more people will be saved in ER rooms. When they think someone is having a heart attack, when actually their aorta is dissecting, well, that's pretty important! I think I would have been transferred a heck of a lot faster, had the doctors realized I really was dissecting when I told them I was!
Having these student doctors see a case so classic as what Andrew and I had is a great training tool, and I'm grateful to have them understand, and to visually inspect what marfan looks like.
Still, what's a young girl at five years old to think, when a line of doctors are waiting out of the room to take their turn at the little girl with marfan syndrome? It's a weird thing. Lucky for my Mom, I was known to the doctors as "Giggles" and nothing bothered me. I think I must have liked the attention! My Mom told me that even when I'd get shots, I'd giggle. Now, that's a strange thing. Desperate for attention? What do you bet?
It's the same reason I put up with the antics of the neighborhood kids when I was little. I still laugh instead of cry, when I recall trying to play with the big kids when I was little. I was different, and I knew it. I just looked different.
We had a pulley swing, tied high in a walnut tree, and attached 100 yards away to an apple tree. The pulley swing mechanism held a rope that went all the way to the ground, and you'd take that rope with you as you climbed up the ladder, got on the little wooden stick of a seat, held on for dear life, and zip! SO much fun! I still want a pulley swing in my back yard, some day!
My big brothers and friends had fun with that. When it was my turn, I'd position that wooden seat between my abnormally long and skinny legs, get ready for the thrill ride, and instead, was jolted to a stop, mid air. One of them had grabbed that rope that went to the ground, and tied it backwards to that big old walnut tree, leaving me suspended, spinning in thin air. Then came the fun part. (NOT) I'd be showered with walnuts! Great target practice! I still giggle at that, instead of cry. It stung! But yet, I was the center of attention. LOL. I can't stop giggling, even now! What else could I do? But, how in the world did I put up with that?! Oh, wait. I didn't have a choice! I was immobilized!
Or how bout the time they let a rubber band powered airplane loose in my hair? Ohhhhh, my Mom was mad! How to get that rats nest out! Or, "Hey Jennie, let's climb trees! You first!" I'd climb high, higher, highest into that tree, showing them how good I was at that game. When I finally got to the top, no one was

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Jennie's Fishing Life, Complete!
I love my life, and it's a pleasure to fish it.
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Growing up with my two brothers, we did pretty much everything together. We grew up really close and since I moved to Alaska, that's been tough to maintain. However, we've managed to stay close and everything finally came together to allow the three of us to go hunting together in the Brooks Range for Dall sheep. After Cody and I's trip last year and our inability to find legal rams, I decided to change our area and look at something different. I did a lot of research and looking around and took several things into consideration to allow us a better experience. Read the full story


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