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Grant's Getaways
The call surprised me.When a question comes my way as a result of something I've written about fishing, it most often originates from someone just getting into the sport
The Rod Came Back!This story sure is a testament to the effectiveness of social media for getting the word out about things.About a month ago, while fishing in Astoria, we got ifnto yet another hot bite and my client Fred stepped away from his rod to tend my bow rod when his rod folded over
Carmen Macdonald 09/25/14
It's pretty certain that last year you probably heard the term "hover fishing" or "boat bobbering." It's not a new technique, but one that went through a mini-explosion on the Columbia River last year
As usual, once Labor Day roles past summer is over and the lower Columbia crowds evaporate.To their loss! I would say they all missed out
Carmen Macdonald 09/10/14
It seems that at this point, every couple of months I see another article published by notable researchers like Michael Blouin, Mark Christie and Michael Ford. To cut right to the chase, these studies conclude that the Relative Reproductive Success of hatchery fish is lower than that of wild fish
My companion didn't quite manage to turn a cloudy sky blue, but the cussing he was doing must have come pretty close.Ever find yourself fishing in some far off part of the world and the rod and reel you're having to work with just won't get the job done? That's where my friend found himself on the morning he was doing such a thorough job of practicing his profanity
Hogy Heavy Minnow Jigs will catch just about anything that swims, especially in deeper water. They can be cast and retrieved or simply jigged vertically
Starting Tuesday, September 2nd, Buoy 10 officially transitions from Chinook fishing to Coho fishing. Coho fishing has been gaining momentum in the Columbia Estuary over the last couple weeks, until this weekend where it when from good to phenomenal! With a Chinook prediction of 1
Late June and the month of July in Oregon has an unbelievable amount of outdoor opportunity, especially in the fishing world.Columbia summer chinook, halibut, tuna, rockfish, ocean salmon, summer steelhead on the big river and in tributaries, trout, warm water fish, crabbing, great clam tides, sturgeon…
Sunrise in Astoria's West Mooring BasinTides are one of the most important factors for fishing Buoy 10, and creating a game plan on when you should be in certain places is of vital importance. Have you ever noticed the guides shooting up and down the river? Well there's a reason for that, and it usually involves knowing a certain part of the river should fish on different stages of the tide

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Jennie Logsdon Martin L.O.F.
(Licensed Oregon Fisherwoman)

September 29, 2014

At 6 AM this morning, Willie barked and woke me from a deep sleep. The TV was still blaring, or seemed like it, anyhow. Normal television listening levels seem like blaring in the quiet of the wee hours of morning.
It was our new roommate, Collin, and his dog Satie, going out for their morning ritual.
Aghhh. Morning came all too soon, today.
I had set the coffee for him for about this time. Early morning or not, it was time to get up.
It was 19 year old Collin's first day of school at Clackamas Community College. He is a friend of David's from work.
I feel for the guy. He wanted his dog with him, and I don't blame him one bit. It was turning out, though, at least the first day, to be more hassle than it was comfort.
Satie is an eight year old half lab/half dobie mix.
She has sure been through confusion, these last couple weeks.
Collin went to visit his Grandma for a week, prior to his arrival here and had to have Satie in a kennel. So she started this venture off on an unfamiliar-uncomfortable foot.
Previously living in Salem, Collin and Satie then came to live with us, further confusing the dog's life.
It's heart breaking that we can't communicate with dogs, better. How many times have I wished they spoke our language? To reassure them when we leave them at the vet, that we will come to get them! That this is something that is in their best interest? That we are doing it, because we love them!?
The other day I had to take Sergeant Pepper to the vet. Sargie was Andrew's cat. I didn't want another cat, as I already had Molly the fishing cat. At the time, I told Andrew, "This is YOUR cat: your responsibility.
Things don't always turn out the way we plan.
If you remember, Sargie and Molly did not get along!
Sargie did not like the vet one bit, but on the way home, after paying $150 for something he didn't want, I promised him, out loud as we drove home, that he was now pronounced my cat. I promised him that I would take care of his every need from that day forward. Like it or not! I spoke to him, as if he understood. More importantly, I think I was promising myself. Sargie probably preferred that Andrew come back, and I told him that I would prefer that, also.
If we could communicate better with animals, we could tell Satie, "Sweetie, Collin is at work, tonight. He'll be home soon. He hasn't dumped you to live with us. He will be back. We are your friends, and we want to help you adjust, here."
Nope. Satie suspiciously peered at us, like she wasn't quite sure she were good people. I'd try to pat her head, and she'd duck. She didn't believe, by our eyes, that her beloved owner would ever come back, again. I hate that! So frustrating!
At one point, David, being a dog lover himself, reached down to pat Satie on the backside. He accidentally hit a sore hot spot she had developed in the kennel, and Satie yelped, growled, and then turned around and nipped David.
Uh oh.
Biting is not OK. Ever.
At the same time, we all knew that Satie was just panicked, heart broken and confused. Also, dogs in pain are prone to bite.
But, who were these people surrounding her? Where was her real home, the friendly kitty she lived with and cuddled with? Where was "Mom" who always took care of her when Collin was gone? Everything familiar to her had changed.
Things seemed to be settling down a bit about 10 pm. An hour before Collin was to get home from work, when a loud scuffle crashed and slipped across the wood floors, and stopped with a bang at the doggy door. Satie can't fit through that doggy door, but thank goodness Sargie could!
Collin and Satie are living in Andrew's room. A room where Sargie still takes refuge. I guess Sargie jumped up on the bed in there to find Satie resting, and things exploded into a flying, skitter-scattering cat and dog fur fling.
Satie normally likes cats. Sargie normally does not like anything, but especially, surprise dogs.
Pheh. Stress.
Sargie would then not come home, and poor Satie was further nerve wracked and filled with mistrust.
Finally, Collin came through the door and Satie was never so glad to see him.
I had to tell Collin that things indeed, were rather stressful while he was gone. I wanted so badly to reassure him that everything would be fine, but I was tired, frustrated and did I say tired?
Earlier in the day, we both had hope that it would work. Willie and Satie had played together. We thought maybe... maybe everything was going to be OK!
By last night, though, whether it was that we were all tired or what, our minds were doubting.
Things were not only stressful for the animals, but for me, thinking I was going to have to deal with the issues when Colin was at school.
Collin was also going through a stressful time. Just too many changes for too many involved. Collin had just moved from home. He's 19, just starting out. A new home. A new school. Everything was new for everyone and every pet.
Without my saying much, Collin said to me, "I think I'll have to take Satie back to my Mom's. She misses her. I thought I'd have more time for her, but with work and school, I'm realizing that my time for her is limited, here. Satie just doesn't seem happy."
At about midnite, I restlessly fell asleep, obviously, with the TV still on. Don't like it when I do that!
How hard for him to want your dog with you, but yet to realize that the best for the dog, is probably with Mom. I felt very deeply for this young man. I wanted to give him a hug, like he was my own son, even though I had just met him. Life is just hard!
Sargie finally snuck home and crawled up into the rafters in the garage. If only I could tell Sargie that this dog actually likes cats. I saw a picture before they moved in of Satie curled up with the house cat! I saw it myself! Maybe I should show Sargie that pic! :)
Willie earlier had fun playing with Satie, but later, when Satie tried to come near the bed that Willie and I were sleeping on, Willie gave Satie a deep warning growl. I scolded Wille. "No!" If only I could tell Willie that just because Satie moved in, it doesn't mean that I don't love Willie. I have enough love for both. But, do I have the patience? The energy? Oh, dear.
Things take time with animals. They would learn to get along. I know they would. If only we had time. If only our lives weren't so busy. If only...
If only I could adopt all the animals at the shelter. If only there weren't people that were cruel to animals. If only all animals had people that loved them as much as the people in this household. If only...
I really want to take Satie in the car back to Collin's Moms home. I offered, but Collin declined. I just so badly wanted to see Satie happy. I guess Collin does, too, and I don't blame him!
I just always want the 'happy ever after', and after 54 years of life, I should know that just doesn't always happen. I'm glad, though, that I expect it to. I'm always going to expect it to. I'm never, ever going to stop expecting the best. "Expect a fish with every cast." (Stan Fagerstrom) Both in life, and in fishing.
I'm going to go let Satie out of her bedroom for a while, and see if I can get a wag out of her tail. Just one. And while I'm at it, I'm going to whisper in her ear. "Expect the best, Satie! It's going to be alright!" I hope she doesn't bite me!
If only dogs could talk.

September 26, 2014

The time is here! The Kwikfish Contest for 2015 has begun! Get your design in! I can't wait to see what people decide on, this year!
I'm back in the city. It's time to get some things done, so that I can get back home!

September 24, 2014

Sometimes I feel like I need a good thunder and lightning storm. I could always relate to Joan Baez' storm poem.

Sometimes I get lonesome for a storm. A full blown storm where everything changes. The sky goes through four days in an hour, the trees wail, little animals skitter in the mud and everything gets dark and goes completely wild.
But it is really God - playing music in his favorite cathedral in heaven - shattering stained glass - playing a gigantic organ - thundering on the keys - perfect harmony - perfect joy.

A good storm doesn't do all of that for me, but it does clear my head and cleans the air. (And the air in my head!)
That is, of course, unless the lightning strikes too close...
One day, way back when I was first married, I experienced a strong thunderstorm. They say Pisces people either love or hate water. It is kind of like that for me, but with both, it isn't love or hate. It's love and hate.
I don't "do" astrological signs or horrible-scopes, really, but I do find some thing oddly accurate about them. Thunder storms excite me, but at the same time, they horrify me.
This particular storm was a doozy. I loved it, up until I hated it.
We lived in Otis, and Jeff worked as a Chef at the Otis Cafe. That particular Fall, the storms had been going right up the valley from the coast, to Salem. They went right over our home, passing by, full of anger, thunder and lightning nearly nightly.
But this one? Oh, my. This one was right over our heads, and it was mean!
It was so intense that we could feel our hair standing on end! We huddled together on the bed in our rented mobile home on the Salmon river.
We looked out the window at one point and saw lightning actually hit the road, and skitter down it, sparking violently every 10 feet or so.
On one side of our mobile home was the Salmon river, and on the other side, the road. All around us was were tall trees.
In our yard, stood a particularly large old growth conifer.
It was the middle of the night, I began to hate more than love this storm. I asked Jeff to please go get me a Tylenol PM out of the bathroom. Our electricity was out, and I couldn't see to find them. Plus, I didn't want to leave the safety of the bed.
I took the pill, thanking Jeff from the bottom of my heart, and almost immediately a sort of calm washed over me.
Jeff said, "I think it's over." Just that second, the loudest of booms hit. We later found that it was the tree in our front yard. It was blown to smithereens!
And then, it was quiet. I felt yet more of the oddly comforting medicine lull me to calm.
In the morning, we found that not only was our tree splintered all over the yard with "toothpicks" the size for The Jolly Green Giant, but several neighbors had holes in their roofs! There was damage everywhere. A tree had fallen into a small trailer with people in it, and luckily, they escaped any harm!
The night before last, I was sound asleep, pretty early. It was 9:15 and I had zonked out watching a program. I was startled awake by both Bill coming up the stairs and a flash of white, along with a terrorizing boom. I didn't know which had woken me, but I was woken!
It was a thunderstorm closer to us than the one I had experienced in Otis. The thunder and lightning hit at precisely the same time, about 10 times in a row. It was so frighteningly loud that even Rev, who has no fear whatsoever of loud guns, was shaking like a leaf.
Willie surprisingly didn't care much at all!
I kind of liked it... I think with all the close calls to death that I've had, I'm a little less afraid of things like this. It was more amazing to me, than anything. But, had it endured much longer than it did, I think it would have eventually scared me. But, ten minutes into it, it stopped as quickly as it had started.
It was exciting, all in all!
The minute the last strike hit, our phones rang. And rang. And rang. Not the way they usually do, but one constant ringggggggggggg. Forever. It would. Not. Stop.
Then, of course, our ADT alarm went off. And off. And off!
Figuring our phone lines had been damaged, we disconnected everything and finally went to bed.
With the change in the weather, and the rumors that thunder and lightning were good for the bite, I was excited that fishing might be excellent the next day! You know how barometric changes can turn the fish on, or off?
Well, we didn't end up going, but we did hear after the day's end, that the fishing was incredibly slow that day. I felt a bit better about that report, as I had been upset that we had not gone fishing. It's a bit of a consolation prize when you you can't go fishing, and then find you didn't miss much!
That night, two nights ago, I didn't sleep well. I didn't have any Tylenol PM, nor anything else, really, meant for sleep.
Not that it really works, or anything.
The morning after that awful storm in Otis. I slept like a log, and I went to again thank Jeff for bringing me the Tylenol PM that had done its magic during a time of intense stress.
I reached over to the night stand to pick up the bottle and put it away. I thanked Jeff, as I noticed the label on the bottle.
"Excedrin". Huh? I asked for... Tylenol PM!
I read the ingredients. "aspirin and.... caffeine".
Oh, the power of the mind.
Perhaps that is why I find horoscopes oddly accurate!

Continued bottom of

Jennie's Fishing Life, Complete!
I love my life, and it's a pleasure to fish it.
Ifish Jennie on Grant's Getaways
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Just got back into town from a couple day trip and ended up connecting on this buck, my first mule deer ever. Long story short: Saw the buck feeding along the hillside of a drainage, ran around and up the back side, checked the wind which was in my favor, took my shoes off to go stealth mode, inched my way over the crest of the hill and down the other side stretching my head just high enough to see over the tips of the bunch grasses, end up seeing some antler tips and realize he had bedded down and by this time I was 25 yards right above him on this very steep slope, draw, slowly rise just high enough and took the shot. Read the full story


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