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green line

Jennie Logsdon Martin L.O.F.
(Licensed Oregon Fisherwoman)
I love my life, and it's a pleasure to fish it!
May 20, 2017

Weird. I haven't been able to think what to write about, and that is never my problem! Is this what they call writers block? Nope. Because I'm not really a writer!
When I used to have this problem, I'd just write a letter to my long lost Grandma, whom I loved, and who praised me for my writing abilities. (Even though I'm not a writer!) She just loved getting letters, I think!
I feel funny writing here, I think. I haven't fished lately. Oh, wait! I did once! I went to Memaloose with Bill. We had a great time, but we didn't catch anything. It was really nice, though, doing our old routine. Everything went smoothly, and all was normal. (Including not catching!)
So, Willie and I are heading out early this morning to the coast. I have been in Oregon City for a bit, trying to do all my medical appointments, which is why I'm here- and catching up on my gardening.
I told my son, David and my roommate, Tammy, that if they want a garden, this year, it's up to them.
But, somehow, I'm doing it again. Maybe half heartedly, due to available time, but I can't stand to see all those beautiful raised beds, with nothing going on!
My asparagus is 3 feet high at Oregon City, and barely poking out at the coast. That just goes to show you the difference! I can't believe it. I was taking Willie for a walk yesterday when I came upon a cherry tree full to the brim of cherries! Our cherry tree never produces, so I was surprised when I came home to take a closer look at ours (Actually our neighbors) and it was also full! I wonder if we'll get cherries! So excited!
So, when I passed cherries on sale for 2.49 at Freddies, I had to buy them! Yum!
My rhubarb is looking healthy, but it bolted very early on. Does that ruin things? Anyone know? I'd never seen a rhubarb bolt. A stalk, four feet high burst from the center. It was the oddest looking thing, with a big flower type thing on top. I broke it off and threw it away and now it's growing normally. I'll have to do some reading on that.
OK... I did what I should have. Read this, if you are interested. I did cut my flower stalk, but now I'm a bit upset about it. I guess the flowers are gorgeous! What would I rather have? Beauty or taste? BOTH! LOL. Oh well, I'll flower another year! I've never seen rhubarb flowers for sale, though. Have you? They look gorgeous on that page.
I have really bad soil, here. It's so filled with clay, that it's really hard to dig in, and water just pools on top. When I first bought this home, I bought three blueberry plants. two have died, and one is still living. It's been five years, and it's planted in clay. Finally, I have blueberries! Hahaha. What a waste of time, huh? But, still, I'm proud of those darn blueberries! All 15 of them!
Will the decisions about what to plant, and how much to plant, ever end? Why do I always have too many zucchini, not enough crookneck, or the exact opposite? So, this year, i have ONE zucchini, and three crooks. I have this feeling that the one zuch is going to die. Just because it's all I have. The neighbors better darn well plant enough for me!
Well, look at that, will you? I wrote! Maybe it's not suitable for a fishing page, but hey... with fishing the way that it is, not everyone can be getting into fish. So, here's Jennie, telling you about how her garden grows!
Wish me safety on my way to the coast. I'm sure glad I didn't go yesterday. There was a fatal accident, just about the time I would have left. My friend went to the coast, and was 10 cars or so, behind the accident. I was worried sick about her, until she called. She was turned around, and had to go 26 to Cannon Beach, instead. Whew. So scary driving those coastal routes! Be safe out there!
Love you all, despite my lack of being the friendly fishing girl. I still read about it on ifish, and my love for fish goes on, just as before.

May 13, 2017
Happy Mother's Day!

I keep hearing the talk this year about how hard Mother's Day can be for some people.
I guess so. I guess, actually, all Holidays can be difficult. Funny, or maybe not so funny- but strange, how things that are meant to be nice for people... like all Holidays are, can have an opposite reaction.
I think that's where we need to take responsibility for our reactions, and learn to appreciate the Holidays, regardless of personal relationships or past experience.
Learn to take good care of yourself! If we know something upcoming might be difficult, treat ourselves with love and appreciation and tenderness!
If you have recently lost your Mother, or maybe if you have suffered a miscarriage, or lost a child, be good to yourself, today!
Even if nothing is particularly wrong, celebrate the Mother in you!
People let people down. It's a fact. But, if you stop depending on them for your everything, then you alone can treat yourself like you want to be treated! Celebrate like you want someone else to celebrate you!
I woke up this morning to dirty dishes in the sink. I don't like that on any day, let alone on Mother's Day! Immediately, I wanted to take pity on me. "Happy Mother's Day" I wanted to grumble to myself. Then, I started to wander off in my mind to my recently lost son... Oh, boy! I could have had a pity party, deluxe!
I stopped myself, as stared out the window at the birds, lighting on my half empty feeders. I turned on the hot water, and began to scrub the dishes, perhaps a little too hard.
I could have mumbled, "Happy Mother's Day" in a disappointed voice that would stir my son from his sleep. But, I didn't! I stopped myself. After all, if I were to have started the day like that, I would have put a dent in any other positive things that David might have in store. :)
After all, David always means well!
I decided right then and there, that I wasn't going to depend on anyone else to make my Mother's Day a success. I actually started giggling about the expectations we have, for these 'Hallmark' Holidays. Expectations, indeed! That's why Holidays are so hard!
Let's lower our expectations and enjoy Holidays as if they are new, each year.
I have over 50 years of memories of Mother's Day! I have visions in my head of picking out a little gift at Parson's Drug Store in Canby for my Mom. My sister Teri would make French Breakfast puffs in the morning, and we'd all wait for my Mom to get up and enjoy everything the kids in my family had for her.
But, my Mom is gone. Yet, another "excuse" for a pity party. Oh, we can think of all the bad things, can't we?
Instead, I'm going to try to be appreciative of what I once had. I was so lucky! I'm going to celebrate those good memories, and who made me who I am, today!
I amped myself up good for Mother's Day, this year.
It is coming up on five years since my son Andrew passed away. Wow! That's a long time to hold back tears! But, I have not been able to cry since the long spell of crying I did, at the time of his death. I think I used up years worth of tears in 2012. And, for some reason, even if I felt like crying in the years since, I haven't been able to! It's so weird, and oddly uncomfortable to not be able to cry.
But, the other day, someone said something to me that made me cry. Isn't it funny that 100's of people can say nice things about us and yet we react to the few things that someone says, that hurt of feelers? Yep. I took that one thing someone said and made it HUGE.
I cried.
Bill came up the stairs that evening, and found sobbing. "What's wrong?" Instead of sharing the silly thing that originally brought tears, I sobbed. "I miss my Dad!" And I did! That brought on a new wave of tears! I changed my focus from those original thoughtless words, and began to sob and sup-sup over one thing after another. "I miss my Dad!" and then it went on to "I miss my Mom!" and then to Andrew, and then it seemed to snowball! I think I cried for an hour, straight! It felt awful and wonderful at the same time.
The next day, I almost felt hung over. I sure was dehydrated, if nothing else! I think I lost most of my body weight in fluids! My pillow was absolutely soaked! Five years of tears in one hour is a lot!
Perhaps that is why I'm having such a healthy outlook on Mother's Day this year. I have reason to be sad, sure, but I've already spent those tears.
Today, I'm going to be good to me. I'm going to take a hot tub in the middle of the day. I'm going to pretend it is sunny outside, instead of rainy. I'm going to look at my scrubbed dishes and sink, and pretend I don't know who was so thoughtful as to leave it like that for me? Tee hee.
I did those dishes. We all know that. But, I can still appreciate it!
So, Happy Mother's Day! No matter who does the dishes!
And now, I'm going to go make French Breakfast puffs. YUM!

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