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Jennie and Willie
Jennie Logsdon Martin L.O.F.
(Licensed Oregon Fisherwoman)
I love my life, and it's a pleasure to fish it!
February 24th 2017
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Uh oh! Still snowing!

Still snowing!

February 23rd 2017

Let it snow!

I have long been a believer that everything is equal. So, if you live through really bad things, you will be blessed with really good things! That thought is what gets me thru the worst of times. I know that it will not last. Good things will be soon coming my way!
Guess what? It's SNOWING on my Birthday! Despite how badly many people will think of yet more cold weather this year, it has always been MY dream to have snow on my Birthday, so for me, this is a really, really magically good thing!
Whoo hooo! Makes me so happy!
I am a Christian, but I also believe some kind of spiritual things like "Ying Yang" and "Karma", and all that. Some people think it's not good to be a Christian and believe in those things, but you know, I believe what I believe. There is no denying what I have experienced!
What's even better about this snow, is that it probably won't stay around long, so there is not much danger for drivers, etc.
It's onto Birthday cake for breakfast. (I know Bill has one here for me, somewhere!) If not, he be best be goin' to da sto, right quick! LOLOL
I love Birthdays! And thank you, good Lord, for the wonderful gift of snow, today!

February 19th 2017

I'm finally back to the coast to heal from a most harrowing month.
After what I've been through in my life, it's hard to say anything is harrowing, again. You know, aortic dissections, and near death experiences, and all. -but this month was harrowing.
I have to go look that up, to see if it's the best word. BRB.
OK! "acutely distressing" I'd say that's accurate!
I have a lot to say, today, so bear with me.
Funny. I've always wondered whether it's "Bare with me" or "Bear with me." and I guess others have wondered the same. I googled it, as I do many things, and the entire page was made up of others, asking this question.
Without google, my first guess would be "bare with me". Of course it would be "bare" because otherwise, you'd be bearing it with a "bear"!
WRONG! Read here, to find out why!

So, with me! (That's just weird.)
Speaking of bears, look what was on our game cam!

Click pic to zoom

That was a while back, but not sure if I ever posted it. I had "bear" on my mind!
So, back to this harrowing month.
Geemany. I don't know where to begin.
I had been working diligently on the Kwikfish contest. Things were going way too smoothly. You know, when you get that smooth feeling, you feel like there is chaos on the front? Yep...
You know, the contest takes a lot of work. I enjoy the work, so I don't really think of it as work. It's fun!
Carmen always reminded me to do it, though. It was kind of something we did, together. Since I had sold ifish, I let things go a bit more than I had in the past. I'm learning why you can't do things half-way. So I'd get a note like this one:

Hi Jennie,
Time flies...heck it's already October.
What are your thoughts on the Kwikfish contest this year?
Please let me know. I'm already behind the curve on timing.
Thank you,

Breaks my heart to read through our notes. When I do a search of my gmail, it says "1-150 of many". We were mostly e mail friends, but you know how that goes, these days. Many of my closest relationships are e mail only!
Just weird.
Oh, Carmen...
OK, so I was busy with all that, and so was he. We went through the contest, the finalists, and the mockups of the finalists! Something new, this year!
Oh, tears...
Carmen started that new! He was just so great to work with! So, then the winner won, and we ordered, and everything was set!
Here is the winner!
So, I prepped for the show... even bought a new outfit! I found out a week before the show, that Carmen couldn't help, so I panicked, and tried to get volunteers, here. You know, I still think that is so weird.
I e mailed Carmen, since I hadn't heard from him a week before the show. I just wanted to make sure it was like always. That he would be getting my ticket, and that we'd be in the booth together, laughing and having fun.
I emailed to make certain he'd be able to handle the cash at night, etc. But.. I didn't hear back. I e mailed again. No answer. One more time... I finally called him and that's when I heard that the staff would be too busy this year. I understood. I had kind of taken it for granted that it would be the same, and I felt he was having trouble telling me that. So, I got busy and got volunteers. That's always difficult. When I had my own booth, I'd spend weeks setting up the volunteer schedule. It became more difficult, with each passing year.
We tried all kinds of things to get volunteers, including "Meet your ifishers!" We'd have some of the more famous ifishers in the booth. Including, "Pinkboots!" Remember that member?
This year we don't have many mods, and they are all from all over, so that was out of the question. I was relying on members of ifish that I had never met before. This was exciting but a bit scary, not knowing who I was having there! LOL. I was looking so forward to meeting them, though! How nice of people to step up to volunteer! Ifishers are SO awesome!
And then that horrific morning, February 5th, when I looked to see a private message by the title of "horrible news".
I thought at the time, "Oh. someone lost their password or something..." But, then I had to write to Carmen, first, telling him the final show schedule that I made with volunteers, how many tickets I'd need, etc." I wrote the letter, and then went to read my private messages. "Horrible news" was that Carmen was no longer with us.
I sat in shock for a long time, there at my desk before I went to wake up my son. Shaking, I told him about it. He had met Carmen.
One year, Carmen had done the entire show for me, during I think it was my eye mishap. He even delivered everything to my home, including the cash from sales. Every last bit of it. I tried to pay he and his staff, and he would not allow anything but a small amount. I really tried hard, too.
So, from there on, my e mail and private messages were a mess of "the show is a go!" The show is NOT a go!" Rinse, repeat, several times. I mean, just look at my column or my discussion board entries from this month! I'd go from not knowing if I was even going to the show, to going, to not going to going without kwikfish... It was so messed up!
Kris Nelson, Carmen's business partner was so helpful! She went to find the kwikfish at Carmen's house, and delivered them to the show.
It was a go! That was the last word!
Actually, the last word was that Kris said someone, maybe Roger? Said it looked

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A reminder from Jennie!
Do not burn yourself out!
Be as I am - a reluctant enthusiast...a half-hearted fanatic. Save the other half of yourselves and your lives for pleasure and adventure. It is not enough to fight for the land; it is even more important to enjoy it. While you can. While it's still there. So get out there, and hunt and fish, and mess around with your friends, ramble out yonder and explore the forests, encounter the Grizz, climb the mountains, bag the peaks, run the rivers, breathe deep of that yet sweet air, sit quietly for a while and contemplate the precious stillness, that lovely mysterious and awesome space.
Enjoy yourselves, keep your brain active and alive, and I promise you this much; I promise you this one sweet victory over our enemies, over those desk-bound people with their hearts in a safe deposit box and their eyes hypnotized by desk calculators. I promise you this: you will outlive the (bad word edited for this family site!!)."
--Edward Abbey

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