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The history of fishing rod design is marked by significant points of impact with regard to new products and construction techniques. An extremely abbreviated history might read, in the beginning there was fiberglass that produced very durable, moderate action rods that were heavy
Steelhead Hacks and tricksWow! Steelhead fishing this year has been "Off the Hook" all up and down the Oregon and Washington coasts and inland too. The early returning steelies were in the best numbers I've seen in a long time and now the brood stock fish are starting to show in great numbers too
I've always been a big fan of the Guy Cotten line of foul weather gear. Their Astron Boots are made of tough PVC and are extremely comfortable, light and really keep your feet warm when the mercury drops
Carmen Macodnald 01/12/16
I watched the President of the United States' recent town hall on guns. My takeaway was pretty straightforward, the outcome of his recommended legislative actions would not solve the issue, but every life matters and we need to do what we can
It was one heck of a fall chinook season! After a great Astoria season we moved down the coast in mid-September and continued to catch piles of fish. I enjoy the fall fishery a lot more than busy and crowded Astoria
Having a quality Winter Steelhead fishery close to home, is a luxury that many of us forget we have. If you live in Tillamook, you have many options: The Kilches, Wilson, Trask and Nestucca
Lowrance recently announced the release of the HOOK series of fishfinders, as well as fishfinder/chartplotter models, which feature proven navigation and fishfinding technology, along with everyday prices that provide anglers with incredible value.Available in 4-, 5-, 7- and 9-inch screen sizes, all Lowrance HOOK models feature CHIRP Sonar, which provides improved target identification at greater depths, a clearer display with less interference and enhanced target separation, so angers can more easily distinguish baitfish from game fish
David Johnson 12/11/15
The TwitchI've known about twitching jigs for coho salmon for quite some time now. I dabbled with it but didn't really put a ton of effort into it until last fall
The new PENN Clash Spinning Reel is an ideal choice reel for quality without breaking the bank. These new for 2015 reels feature a full metal body to eliminate twisting caused by high drag pressure and are stuffed with CNC Gear Technology
As anglers of the Northwest, we all day dream of doing things a little different, something to give us an advantage while out fishing. For some, it's better fishing equipment

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Jennie Logsdon Martin L.O.F.
(Licensed Oregon Fisherwoman)

February 1, 2016

My cancer biopsy was NEGATIVE!!!
Thank you, God and everyone who prayed and sent good thoughts! I love you!

February 1, 2016

Happy February! Maybe I wasn't the first one to tell you, but I did make it within the time frame of early! Good morning, everyone! Tis nearer Spring than yesterday, for sure!
I have never been so excited for Spring. For some reason, I didn't think I'd be here, this Spring, but I'm becoming a Spring believer! I may make it!
Even as this biopsy result looms over my head! I have hope!
A long time ago, while my then husband and I were going through marriage troubles, we went to a counselor to try to save us.
This counselor had a chart on the wall with numbers 1-100. He asked us to place our finger at the number we expect to live until. I placed mine on 55. He told us that it turns out to be very accurate. The more I think about that, how did he know that? Had there been time for someone to study the results, somehow? Or was he a quack? LOL.
So, it's been stuck in my head that 55 may be my end date. But, come on! How would he know that? At the time, I felt it was better than the date my doctors stuck in my head. Telling a youngster that marfan patients would live to 35 or so, is not a great idea
. Both of these opinions! Quackery! They do not know!
I will simply live until I don't.
Even as I wait this morning for my biopsy results, I am not giving either of these opinions much weight, if any. If they tell me I have cancer, again, well? Who knows?
Last night, I stayed up way too late, knowing I shouldn't, but reading the internets about TNBC, (Triple Negative Breast Cancer) and Micro-Calcifications. Those micro things are the things they found during my mammogram.
I read one report that said that Micro-Calcifications aren't usually a predictor of TNBC returns, but then the next article was a series of fateful stories from women who received really awful news after finding micro-calcifications on their mammos, and ... well... you probably know the rest of that story.
After I read those, it was after midnight. I turned off my light, and fell asleep with the aid of a sleeping pill. Sleep did not come easy to me, even so, but after I did fall asleep, I stayed that way, exhausted after a day of fishing with Bill. I woke this morning, oddly refreshed.
Here I am, this morning, haven woken at 7 or so. I'm wondering, do I call the office and ask for the results, or wait that fateful call? I'm scared to death for that phone to ring.
At the appointment, I asked the nurse, "so... when they call, what are the words they'll use, if they tell me it's cancer?" Oh, come on, Jennie. What a weird question! But, I wanted to prepare myself, or something.
Oh, what a lot of worry I'm putting into this for no reason! I mean, it is what it is, and I can do nothing about it, either way!
Many of you won't know what I'm talking about, when I talk about the blue sky days of winter. I have written about it, many times. That powdery blue, cold winter sky that always made me think of Steelhead fishing, until... Until my aortic surgery.
There was a day during recovery from that experience, when I wanted so badly to go out and see the sunshine. I was in my wheelchair, alone at home, and tried to get out the door to feel the sunshine. It was so close, but so far away! I was so weak that I got stuck between the door jam and the rug that sits beyond it, and couldn't move for hours, until someone came home to help me. It changed the way I felt about that cold, powdery blue sky for years. Five years, probably, before I could look up into that sky and again think steelhead, instead of heart surgery, fear, illness and helplessness.
You know, though, when I left the biopsy, the nurse said to me, "Well, it's out of your hands, now. It is what it is. There is nothing you can do to change the results, so just love and let live." That took a huge weight off of me. So true!
OK. I can do that.
This morning is another one of those powder blue winter skies.
I am not as much afraid of my biopsy results, as I am, losing the joy associated with winter blue skies.
Today is the day.
- By the way, I just called and they don't have the results, yet. Oh, that was scary! I was stuttering, asking. I couldn't find the words! They are waiting on the pathology department. Shall I call them? LOL

January 28, 2016

I am so incredibly sore! Anyhow, just sos you know... I have 72 hours to wait for the results, so no need to e mail to ask until then! :) Thing is, I don't know if they count weekends in those hours. I kind of doubt it, but will call to ask
It didn't hurt very much in the office for the biopsy, but it does hurt 24 hours after! I'm bruised and battered.
The ladies were so nice and so gentle, that I don't know how I got into this condition! But, black and blue I am! I was going to drive to the beach, but at this point, I don't think so! Tomorrow will be better, right?

January 27, 2016

I have such mixed emotions, today! For one thing, I'm so excited for Spring that I could burst out in bloom, just like my Daphne bush out front that is nearly doing the same! I can't wait for that smell, this year. I love my Daphne Odura!
On the other hand, I want to hide. Today is my biopsy. After five years of being cancer free, they find something. Darn them. Darn me! Just darnit!
I just keep repeating in my head... "It is nothing. It is nothing. It is nothing."
It isn't something, is it? I mean, the doctor told me yesterday that only 15 percent of micro calcifications are cancer, and that many women over 50 get them. (I'm only 22. Hahahah.)
My appointment is at 12:20 PM. Say a little prayer for me? Please? :)
I also made the stupid mistake of reading about this type of breast biopsy on the internet. If you want to convince yourself that whatever medical procedure you are about to have will kill you, read about it on the net. :) NOT a good idea!
You'd think these ladies had nearly died!
I have had a biopsy before. In fact, twice. Neither one of them hurt badly. But, this is a new type and it does take 90 minutes. 90 minutes of anything 'medical' has got to be no fun. True. But, come on! It can't be that bad. Can it??
I will let you know. You KNOW I will let you know!
I'm half nervously giggling and half giddy about spring. The other half (I have three halves) is worried and wants to hide.
Good thing David is taking me, and won't let me out of it, because I might run!
Oh! Yesterday David had my car and I really, really needed something at the store. I tried to wait for him to come back, but couldn't wait longer, so... I rode my bike! Do you know what it is like to ride a bike at 50, when you haven't but gone around the block on a bike in 20 years?!? Oh, my! I ache from head to toe! When I was riding it, I was nervous around traffic, and almost couldn't dismount! My legs were just shaking! The funny thing is that I walk every day. But the bike muscles have not been used, obviously! I have been shaking ever since! It was fun, though, and I think I'd better start doing that bike riding thing more often. Those muscles are in dire need of a work out!
OK. I'm off to the doc. Please Lord! No cancer!


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