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Andy Schneider 04/16/14

Kings for the Kids3am comes early, especially after a hard day of fishing the previous day, but that didn't slow anyone down as I rolled into our rendezvous spot in Troutdale. Where lumbering semi-trucks idled noisily next to each other with their drivers somehow sleeping inside
Want to start a debate with your fishin' partner?I can tell you a great way to do it. The way I'd have you start this debate might not make much sense to you
I think it's safe to say that everybody loves beef jerky. I sure do
I remember looking so forward to Spring Break as a kid. My parents were great and we always planned something fun; the beach, fishing, arcade, sleep over with friends and even camping
Inside SteelheadI like to check out the innards of fish. I have always been interested in the biology of fish
In today's world, rampant with technology, we can access information with our smart phones virtually any time, anywhere. It is amazing there are so many gadgets and appliances jam packed with complex functions
You and your best pal are going fishing in the morning. You've been thinking all afternoon about what you need to do to be all set when he comes by to pick you up in the morning
What is a "Native Steelhead" to you? Is it simply a hinderance trying to catch your Hatchery limit? Is it a genetically polluted unclipped Hatchery fish? Or is it a species all to it's self, full of; life, fight and vigor in the frigid winter waters? Is a Native Steelhead part of a pursuit that draws you to shadowy canyons lined with towering conifers and moss covered leafless trees? A Native Steelhead is undoubtably the King of our Pacific Northwest waters this time of year. Sure a Hatchery Steelhead may come along that fights just a little harder than the last "cookie cutter" Hatchery fish, but once it's bonked, bleed and in the fish box, it's fight is quickly forgotten
Screen Bright Smartphone Sanitizer Wipes are a great new product that I recently discovered. The wipes are lint free and can be used to clean virtually all electronic devices

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Jennie Logsdon Martin L.O.F.
(Licensed Oregon Fisherwoman)

April 19, 2014
Hop, hop, hop...

(later-- On my way to E.R. Doctor (and fellow fly fisherman's) orders. :( I hope they don't keep me, but I'm having chest pain and it hurts so bad. I don't know how to get ahold of Bill, as he is helping at a trout fishing kids day at Hebo lake. Shoot. I hope he reads this or something. Would love to let him know. Wish me luck. Do NOT want to stay there!)

Easter is almost here! I can't believe how fast time is flying! Spring! Spring! Spring is here!
Spring Chinook, and the end of wild steelhead, and I'll never forget the first year I moved to the Kilchis! I was fishing sun up till sun down. Bill would be working in the yard, as I'd scream to come see my latest catch! Fun!
I can't wait to get my fly rod out, and fish after dinner with Willie. That's a fun tradition and one that the dogs always love!
I can't wait for wet wading in shorts and sandals! It's so cold at first, and then you get numb, so that everything is just fine! Especially when you have a fish on!
I have had a darned fever... just slightly enough to make me feel rotten, every night for over a month. I think we'll finally figure it out, as a I have a full MRI with contrast on Wednesday. I hope they figure it out, and I hope it's not horrible. I can do without another life tragedy!
I sometimes wish that my health problems could be as simple as the flu or a viral infection! Darnit! Why is it always something big?
Yesterday I was able to get the beets planted and the tomatoes and potatoes in the ground. I'm sure I'll have to protect them, as it's pretty early, but it felt so good to work in the dirt! Cleansing! Fun!
By noon or so, each day, I'm pooped and spend the rest of the day resting. I seem to sleep a ton. I can't lay down or sit down to read or watch TV without falling asleep! It's just bizarre! I want to feel good again!
After all, the Spring Chinook are heading towards a bay near me! Whoo hoooo!

April 15, 2014

Hasn't the weather been delicious?
I've so enjoyed wearing tee shirts, and being warm!
I've been battling with sick after sick after sick, and it just feels so good to have the weather nice! I feel much healthier, this way!
I was getting a bit cocky that I hadn't been in the hospital for almost two years. I guess I needed put in my place!?
It's been nearly (get this!) ten years since my aorta dissected and I beat the odds and lived, anyhow! I promised myself, way back when, that when my ten year anniversary comes around, I'm going to do what I've always dreamed of doing. I'm going to some sunny island, where they have little huts on the beach, and the water is that emerald see through green, and I'm going to stay for a week. I want to stand on one of those platform boats and sight fish for... oh, whatever those fish that they have, there. Bonefish?
I've done Hawaii, and I never thought I would. I did! I'm so glad I did, because it was the last vacation I had with Andrew. He swam the entire time. Like a fish, he just wanted to stay in the water. It reminded me of when he was little. He's always loved the water. He swam in the day, and he swam in the night. (Against my wishes!) But, I'm so glad that he did. He also was able to meet his guru, there, Ram Das. Andrew realized many of his dreams, before he left us.
Anyhow, back to the dream.... I'm going to sock away every penny I have to go to ... Oh, gosh, I dream of going to Bora bora, but that is probably a bit much. I also dream of Turks and Caicos.
But, even if I just end up in Mexico, that would be more than enough!
I'm starting by buying my very first passport. But, every time I get any kind of financial windfall, it's going towards my dream!
I remember way back, when we dreamed of going to Disneyland for the first time. It was my then-husband, and my two kids. We had this thing called "Dollars for Disney". We collected pop cans, and every single cent went towards driving to Disneyland. I remember driving slowly along the road, and the kids would see a pop can and scream, "Dollars for Disney!" We made it!
If I can do that, then I can do this, too!
Realize your dreams, and go for it!
I want to fish there, and swim in those warm waters, and sun myself! Bucket lists are fun! What's on yours?

April 10, 2014

Yesterday was a good day.
I woke up, had coffee with my internet and realized that no one was really fighting on the board. Oh, good stuff! I signed off, early!
I grabbed another cup, and headed upstairs. Time off from an otherwise mad moderating morning to get showered, dressed, and enjoy the sunshine!
It was one of those days where you expect everything to go right. A "Catch a fish with every cast" kind of day.
After my shower, I quickly brushed two coats of a pretty new color of nail polish on my nails, and headed out to fish.
I painted them and dried them without any problems! For you guys out there, this is no easy feat. Get nine nails done, and then wreck the last one, somehow. Then, go to fix that one, and wreck another until I just give up, take it all off, and go naked-nailed.
But, I did perfect! No streaks, no gouges! Just pretty, soft color that turned shinier as it dried! It was truly a perfect day!
The color was named "Lady Like". -A pretty pink that would match the brand new jig that I would soon take out of the package, and carefully and expertly tie onto my leader. It is a whole thing, tying on a new jig, fresh out of the package. A ritual. Tying on a fluffy, new, "First Bite" pretty pink and white "lady like" jig! A jig that has always held my confidence. Oh, confidence is so important!
Walking out to the river, the sun was blinding and bright. Willie and Revvie ran and barked around me. The excitement level was high. They always expect a fish with every cast, and this morning I had that spirit, too! We all laughed.
I traded sunglasses for my Polaroids so that I could see through the fast clearing waters. But, the sun was so bright that unless I held my hand over my eyes, I couldn't see much at all! Good thing I have my casts for the Kilchis river memorized. I can expertly cast out and land a jig just about anywhere, blind folded, after 15 years of this, knowing how high the river is, and thus, how far to throw.
I fished the bedroom hole in back of the house. Man, the river has really dropped fast, and the current was slower than I liked. I usually prefer a nice walking tempo, but this was like a shopping shuffle people do when Christmas packs the stores. A slow, awkward shuffle that exhausts me. I kept wanting to push the jig just a little faster, but the water didn't cooperate with me.
I fished the Maple tree hole, and although I liked the speed of the current, there, still, no "First Bite".
But you know what? I didn't lose my confidence! I knew I was going to catch a fish, this morning.
Sure enough, I walked to the last hole I'd fish that day. My jig was still perfectly tied and set. I tipped it with just a tiny bit of really old prawns that had been frozen, thawed, fished, and frozen again and again. They weren't pretty. They didn't smell good. I just knew they'd work.
I cast out, and probably on my third cast, it happened!
I don't know how many times Mark of First Bite Jigs has taught me that he catches many of his (many) fish in the last swing of the cast. He'd tell me to hold steady at the end of a cast, to point the rod tip where it hovered, and just let it be, there. I wasn't quite to that point. My lure was in a shallow, rocky place, still moving, probably four feet deep around several rocks that jut out from the bottom of the river. A place where the rocks are exposed in the summer.
My lure went down. I thought sure it was a rock that grabbed my lure. It just acted that way. It went down casually, as if my hook had caught something still and solid.
There was what seemed like forever between the time it went down, and the time that I pulled back to feel action or none. That's because the fish took my jig, and headed towards me! I dreaded that "none", even as I was setting the hook.
But, no! It came alive as I felt that first angry resistant head shake! What I had hooked was no rock!!
"Fish on!" I yelled at the dogs, and no one else around me. My voice echoed in the canyon. An eagle cackled back.
I wondered, by chance if there were people somewhere that I couldn't see. Just in case, by golly, I was going to let them know I had a fish on. "FISH ON!" Whoo hooo!
The fish burst out of the water like... like Bill Monroe once described. And don't quote me, but something about a metal fan blade, spinning! (I have to look that quote up, because I've always remembered it! It describes steelhead perfectly!)
Then, it disappeared from sight, and gave my rod a workout, and then it did the fan blade thing, again! That always tickles me! "Fish on!" I giggled for the fourth or fifth time. What else can you say at a moment like this?
I'm sure they could hear me five miles down the road. "Fish on! Fish on!" Yes! I have a FISH ON!
You guys, it has been SO long since I've had a fish on! I had forgotten this extreme rush!
While playing it, I struggled to find my pliers, knowing full well this would probably be a wild fish. Finding them, I held them in my teeth, while I brought the fish to hand.
Oh, this thing was beautiful! It had a deep crimson stripe down his side, and oh! So incredibly beautiful!
I leaned my rod against my back, behind me, as I have always done, and leaned over to grab the line to release him. Oh no! Once that fish got a look at me, he exploded once more, and was gone! His tail went this way and that and poof! Gone!
Just a memory!
Did that really happen?
Yes. Because he took my jig with him!
I'm bummed. I have no other confidence building jigs in my drawer. I have a million jigs, but what is it about Mark's First Bite jigs that always have me in the fish? I keep trying to prove that other jigs work, but it isn't working that way! Darnit, Mark! You have me hooked!

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