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You have probably heard that the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is proposing to make some pretty big fee increases on licenses and tags. This money isn't going to improve fishing
Here's a special announcement from ifish sponsor Deeper Fishfinder:Lots of anglers have been wondering when those who develop apps and innovative devices would come out with a gadget concerning sonars and flashers. There's no secret that most of us have our smartphones while fishing, so why pay extra for the display and touch screen monitor control when you already own one? Deeper Fishfinder team realized that and developed a small, tennis ball size device that floats on the water, scans everything under the surface and sends all of the data to your iOS or Android smartphone and tablet via Bluetooth from up to 150ft/ 45 meters
I have owned a several travel rods in the past but the quality was always lacking. Enter the Fenwick Methods Travel Rod
It's that time of year again, Spring Chinook Fever is setting upon Northwest Anglers faster than the resurgence of the measles. While both illnesses have similar symptoms; fever, red and soar eyes, exhaustion
I remember it like it happened yesterday.I had finally managed to get home again after World War 11 finally ended and I had the "Fishin' Itch" so bad it was about to drive me bonkers
Fishing with "The Girls"Several years ago I wrote an article for Salmon Trout Steelheader Magazine titled "Fish like a Girl". I started out the article saying, "If anyone ever says you fish like a girl take it as a compliment
Carmen Macdonald 02/13/15
Candidates for the Director of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife were interviewed publicly today in a Commission meeting. In all honesty, it came across as more of a campaign than a hiring process, but more on that later
Spring Chinook fever has struck early this year; internet forums, sporting good counters and general fishing conversations are already ablaze in talk of ‘The First Springer' and the season to come. Maybe due to the mild winter weather, Spring Chinook Anglers are chomping at the bit to get out and start trolling Herring or anchor up with some Kwik's
Allan Ranson's third lure choice is probably going to surprise you as much as it did me.If you've read my past three columns you know they've been devoted to sharing certain thoughts of one of the country's top experts on bass fishing and the building of the baits that catch ‘em
Last weekend I was invited on a camp trip over on the Deschutes River. Amongst the group there were bird dogs and chucker hunters, trout flies and trout anglers and steelhead flies, gear and steelhead anglers

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Jennie and Willie
Jennie Logsdon Martin L.O.F.
(Licensed Oregon Fisherwoman)


March 28, 2015

In my e mail last night- an interesting book review! I have to pick this one up!

Alaska Fishing Adventures
Bernard, James Scott. 2015
Warrenton, OR:
Bernard Publishing. ISBN: 978-0-9961665-0-8
Available at Amazon.com.

Not Knowing Keeps Us Fishing and Getting Up in the Morning

*From the back cover, Jim speaks to the importance of adventure, which is a state of not knowing exactly what will happen next.

** ** **

Alaska Fishing Adventures comprises the gorgeous recollections of twenty years of guiding fishers at Yes Bay Lodge, near Ketchikan, Alaska. The guide is Jim Bernard, who is known to many in the area as the captain of the Sea Tiger, which was moored in Hammond for many summers. He and his wife live in Warrenton.
Jim Bernard’s recollections take the form of fishing stories and in order to avoid the impression that they are simply tall tales, most stories are accented with images of fish caught. Salmon and halibut are the most prevalent species while trolling and jigging with baits and lures are the preferred methods.
Yes Bay Lodge is the setting – a fishing lodge located on the Cleveland peninsula within easy reach of both salt and fresh water fishing along with shrimping and crabbing. Access is a 50 mile trip by float plane from Ketchikan and guests stay about a week. Some fish intensely while others only occasionally. Most go home with a substantial trove of fish and shellfish.
Guides at Yes Bay Lodge are given nicknames and in his first day guiding guests, Jim earned the nickname “Slice” by putting cutting into his index finger when baiting a guest’s hook after netting a nearly 40 pound King salmon. As is the character of the man, Jim wrapped his finger in a towel and kept on fishing.
Alaska Fishing Adventures provides an excellent account of catching what some fishers call the “barn doors,” that is, halibut. As Jim explains, when hooked, these fish fight to dive to the bottom and lifting them up can be utterly exhausting. While salmon twist their heads and squirm away, powerful halibut strip line from the reel with surging forces pulling straight down. It sometimes takes a team to bring one to the surface.
What beams through the fish stories, however, is the spirit of an adventurous man who takes great delight in the success of his guests. A guide’s success is measured by his “regulars,” that is, the clients who come back every year. Jim had plenty of them including regular visits from his wife Cherie and their many children and grandchildren.
When I first met Jim and fished Buoy 10 and the open ocean, I asked him one day, “How often do you fish?”

“I fish every day that the Lord allows me.” was his answer.

David King
Portland & Astoria, Oregon

March 26, 2015

What an incredible day! OK, month! What a.. wait. What an incredible winter! Yeah! That!
You know, back in the Fall, I heard on television that with global warming and all, the Pac Northwest will be the new California, and the new "go to" place to live. At the time, I laughed in disbelief, but now I'm crying in reality! I don't want it to be the "go-to" place! This is our little corner of the woods! A place where we all joined, and didn't care if the rain fell, because everything is green and beautiful!
I don't want our pristine cold streams where the salmon and steelhead live to turn into bass rivers! Ick! Nothing against bass and all, but I just don't want warm, murky-moss filled rivers! I think I read a few years back in Bill Monroe's column about that. It just can't come true!
People that don't buy the whole "global warming" thing used to laugh at the prospect of all of these things. I'd love to laugh along if it meant it wouldn't come true! I sure hope they are right!
This morning, I glanced out at the meadow when something moving caught my eye. It was three does, munching on what is left of my raspberries.
Unfortunately, Bill and I gave up on our raspberry crop. I worked so hard on that project! There was nothing I wanted more than to continue playing "Berry Fairy" for my boys. All my boys! Bill, included.
I shouldn't say I worked so hard. Bill actually did. I worried. He worked!
Fences and repairs of fences... Fertilizers and pruning and weeding, oh my!
If you didn't hear the stories of old, I'd pick those huge, beautiful raspberries and go knock at my kids windows, and with a huge smile and a handful of berries, I'd shout, "Berry Fairy!" The boys would open their window and go shopping from my hands full.
Andrew would open his window with a smile and say, "May I have this one!?" as he picked out the biggest, most plump berry of all. He was so thoughtful to ask! "But, of course!" I'd say. "That's what they are for!"
The boys were as excited about the berry fairy as I was! (Well, maybe not quite as much!) But, I loved playing that, so much!
More than playing berry fairy, I loved just having them, there. I tried for years to get those berries to grow well, and I think out of 10 years of trying, I probably got 2 fair years of production.
I'll never forget one year, when I went out to pick the berries first crop and I looked them over and thought, "No... One more day of ripening and they'll be ready." I waited overnight, went out to play berry fairy and I was crushed! Someone left the gate open and the deer ate every last berry and blossom and stripped them to pointy stalks! I was crushed!
About four years ago, we noticed that our berries had some kind of disease. We took samples to the extension office, and no one could figure out what it was. I think we finally settled on some kind of worm-bug thing that lived in the stalks of the berries. The berries would look healthy, like they were doing fine, but when they ripened, they would fall apart and be flavorless.
It was my last straw. I couldn't fix it and we gave up.
The oddest thing, though, is that my crop in Oregon City also came down with the same problem-- and so did my neighbor's crop!
No more berry fairy for us. The berry fairy kind of left us when Andrew did. When I get to Heaven, I hope he shares the Berry Fairy with me. :)
At least we still have blueberries. Thank God the deer don't like them, and so far, no bugs have invaded that crop!
As I glanced out at the deer this morning, munching happily on the berry vines, I whispered under my breath, "Berry fairy!"
I hope the deer enjoy them as much as my Andrew did.

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Enjoy yourselves, keep your brain active and alive, and I promise you this much; I promise you this one sweet victory over our enemies, over those desk-bound people with their hearts in a safe deposit box and their eyes hypnotized by desk calculators. I promise you this: you will outlive the (bad word edited for this family site!!)."
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