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Don't get me wrong, I used to be a huge fan and supporter of the ODFW. I still am
Astoria 2015- Hook, Line and Sinker (and Divers)With the 2015 Astoria/Buoy 10 season just a few more weeks out it's time to start getting geared up.This is what I'm going to be using:All my rods are GLoomis
From tackle boxes to high performance rain suits, tackle manufacturers have pulled out all the stops with an incredible range of new products unveiled this week at the ICAST fishing tackle trade show, held in Orlando, Florida.Plano exhibited a number of new tackle boxes, including a Women's Series of soft-sided tackle bags and a new M Series that includes a Hydro-Flow hanging bait bag that will appeal to muskie anglers and professional guidesThe Women's Series of soft bags consists of three new totes offering all-new functional designs in a stylish teal finish with light pink trim
One expects to see new technologies introduced at the world's largest fishing tackle trade show, and manufacturers did not disappoint with numerous new rod and reel introductions at ICAST, held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando from July 15 to 17, 2015.Leading the way from Abu Garcia are the company's new Revo MGX spinning reels
Among the hundreds of new products introduced at the 2015 ICAST show, held in Orlando from July 15 to 17 inclusive, few can match the buzz generated by the latest offerings from manufacturers of high-tech electronics.Navico generated a huge amount of buzz at the show with the introduction of the new StructureScan 3D sonar modules for its Lowrance and Simrad lines
Anglers will face tough choices when shopping for new lures next spring as manufacturers unveil a wide range of new hard and soft baits this week at ICAST, the world's largest fishing tackle trade show. More than 11,000 people representing manufacturers, buyers, dealers and reps from around the globe are on hand in Orlando to see what's new for 2016, including hundreds of new lures from manufacturers around the globe
PENN now offers a variety of spring loaded pliers designed for a wide range of applications. 304 and 420 stainless steel wrapped in a titanium black nickel coating gives these tools the maximum level of hardness, durability and corrosive resistance
Andy Schneider 07/10/15
As the warm summer months are upon us, many anglers thoughts drift from Chinook and Coho towards shady trout streams, cool high alpine lakes or a combo of Summer Steelhead and Waterskiing in the warm waters of the Columbia. There is no need to abandon Salmon when the weather turns hot in the Valley, look west towards the coast and inshore waters where a record number of Salmon will be migrating north and south all summer long
I cut my fishing teeth catching bluegill, crappie and perch.There's nothing unusual about that
July 1st anglers finally get a 7-day a week Halibut fishery inside the 40-fathom line. While nearshore Halibut was open during ‘All-Depth' days, we haven't had the greatest ocean conditions coordinating with out seasons

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green line

Jennie and Willie
Jennie Logsdon Martin L.O.F.
(Licensed Oregon Fisherwoman)

July 27, 2015

No matter how hard I cry, I can't seem to escape the stressful parts of running this site. I love ifish and the community we have. I have asked all of the members that are fairly active, to not involve me in the stressful part of it. Yet, who to run to, when the members also care deeply? The mods? The owners? I think people know me and still think of me as the go to girl. I want to still be the go to girl, too, but... the doctor says no.
That's why I sold the site. "No more stress, Jennie". "If you want to travel, now is the time", the doctor said. Those things scared me. But, then again, that was 10 years ago, and here I still sit. I haven't travelled. I'm still dealing with stress, and I'm still very alive!
You know, it's funny. I do wear rose colored glasses. A guy at the dog park that has become a pretty good friend of mine, said that he was describing me to some people, and came up with the word, "innocent... She's an innocent." He said.
That made me laugh, because I don't really think I'm an innocent, but I guess in some ways, I am. I do weird things like sing really loud on the river banks, and wake up singing in the morning. I'm mostly happy, most of the time.
"Ever seen someone so happy all the time?" Bill said to Bill Monroe, when he first interviewed me for the Daily Oregonian. Of course, Bill Hedlund knows me much better, now, and he knows I'm not always a happy girl. (Just ask!)
It sure is interesting thinking about what other people think of you that don't know me as well as, say, Bill Hedlund, or people who have worked on ifish with me, forever. They know my flip side. The vulnerable side that gets really depressed and hopeless.
I dated a guy once, who said something rather funny. He said, "I've never met or dated a girl like you. One minute you are a Sunday school teacher, the next, a motor cycle mamma." That always makes me laugh, and I like that! Now, that, to me, is more like it. I do have a flip side to the sing-song girl.
But, when I spoke to my park friend about the "innocent" thing, I said, "Yeah, I guess so. I grew up in a fantasy land, where nothing bad happens". He nodded in agreement. He is mostly right about most things. He's very intelligent and I always go to him with world problems that bother me.
I did grow up in a "Leave it to Beaver" type perfect family, until my Mother died. That was a huge shock to my entire family. In fact, it seemed to ruin everything!! The entire world changed, when my Mother died.
After my Mother died, I started ifish.net. Now, ifish.net was going to be a world where nothing bad happens. EVER.
In real life, after my Mom died, things the shade of "bad" happened to my rose colored glasses, over and over.
Within one month... Yes! One month!- First, my husband left my own most perfect family, then my Mom died, my Grandmother died within weeks after, my 20 year old "catarabbit" cat died, 12 of my chickens were brutally murdered by something, and I was left prescribed some kind of Prozac stuff by my doctor! I lost 40 pounds, during that year. The stress diet! The bad colored glasses diet! That period robbed much of my innocence.
It didn't end there. Bad, awful things have been littered thru my life, since. I know to expect them, now. Thank Goodness. They happen, and I do my best to process them. I'm beginning to be a pretty good fighter!
I think when you are raised the Disneyland way, the way that my family was raised, you always come back to that. It's like in the Bible, (even though this isn't what was meant) "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it." Proverbs 22:6
Each morning, you wake expecting nothing but sunshine and bluebirds. Thank Goodness, because the death of my son was a huge thing to try to digest.
I still cannot fully believe or digest, or even "go" there. If I did, I'd be on Prozac! By the way, I did not like that drug. I did NOT like it, Sam I am! I ended up taking it for about a week before I threw it away. I guess it is great for some, but I felt just plain weird! I remember going to Costco one day while taking that stuff, and I had this terrible urge to ram people with my shopping cart! LOL. That's what made me throw that stuff away!! I remember oddly giggling at the thought, while thinking of ramming people, but still, I had never had a thought like that, before! Yikes! Oh, yeah! And one day while crossing the Longview bridge, with my friend driving, I longingly gazed over the side of the bridge, at that lovely, flat, dreamy water... thinking, "It wouldn't be so bad to jump. It's so beautiful..." Yeah. Yikes! No more of those pills for this girl!
So, what was I saying?
The stress of ifish. Innocence. How to stay a part of the community, do my part to work here to make it the best it can be, yet stay out of the ickies. How to look at my private messages, and decide if that person has something good to say, or something that will throw me back into the stress of the moment.
The other night, I fell asleep in tears. Something I hadn't done over ifish in years! And, I used to do it, regularly! Falling asleep in tears was just a part of my job, here. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I know I do.
Bill Monroe told me, time after time, "Girl, you gotta toughen up!" I don't think I ever did, but I learned to dodge bullets pretty well.
I don't want to ever lose my innocence, and I think thru ifish I have. That to me, is a loss that comes with toughening up. So, Bill. I don't want to toughen up! There are things that come with toughening up that I don't want any part of. Being vulnerable is a good thing, I think. I think? I think I think that...
Anyhow... I'm going to the river, now. I'm going there to sing at the top of my lungs about how happy I am. I'm going to sing, and run with Willie and Revvie, and be so happy when my Bill watches videos of Willie and I and has tears in his eyes, and says, "Jennie. Take care of health. You are so special!"
He did that. He said that. In my ears, I keep hearing my doctor, "No more stress... no more stress..."
It made me realize that I haven't lost my innocence, nor my happiness that my Mother and my Father instilled in all of us kids. I haven't lost it, yet. I hold onto it with all of my might. Life can be Disney like, no matter if your first born child dies, and your aorta splits from your illiacs to your carotids. When your doctor tells you that you have breast cancer, you can still sing at the top of your lungs, even if you are singing with no hair on your head!
...and when ifish breaks apart and ruins my perfect online world, and many of whom I thought were friends post in public (in that perfect online world!) that the web site you created sucks and is far from perfect, well, I can just march right down to that river and sing at the top of my lungs about how damn good my real life really is.
Even so.
Damn it. (says the motor cycle mamma)
Not many people have the luxury of having two worlds. And when one breaks down, I go smile and laugh and sing in the other one.

July 26, 2015

Oh, my. Remind me to watch out for party boats! This reminds me of the horror that I experienced when I was fishing with Bill Monroe on the Willamette, and the Sheriff boat came speeding around a corner, headed straight for us! It was frightening! Lucky that he veered away, last minute, but still! I know the fear!
This story was sent to me by Coach Len Clark. It had me on the tip of my seat! I hope you enjoy (is that the right word!?) reading it, and remember to keep a look out!


A friend from California and his son joined my grandson and I for a quiet day of anchor fishing up above the mouth of the Sandy on the Columbia River.  It was a pleasant day with glorious sunshine and very little wind as we let out our gear in hopes of finding a willing biter in the warm water of our hot 2015 summer.  We were literally by ourselves, anchored close to a tall marked piling on the east side of the near 2 mile wide stretch of river, with not another boat within a ½ mile of our location.  We had an occasional boat go by in the ship channel at mid river which would cause a ripple in our float from a mild wake but for the most part we were simply watching our rod tips all by ourselves as we chatted about days gone by while solving some world complications through shear conversation.  The boys were both snacking on goodies and in great spirits as they were optimistic that something good was about to happen to end their boredom with a tug on the end of one of those fishing lines.  Simply put, it was a peaceful time without any stress and just as pleasant a morning as one might ask.
We were both casually looking downstream when suddenly my friend sat up and said “Hey, what’s this guy doing?”  I stood up and looked upstream to see a Party Barge about 30 yards away coming downstream toward the front of my boat, moving left to right across my bow.  As it approached, I realized it was way to close – it was about to cross my anchor line with the boat and about collide with the front of my boat.  I jumped to the bow of my boat and hollered “you are crossing my anchor line - back off!!”  Too late.  The big pontoon craft was drifting sideways and downstream fast.  His pontoon got caught the anchor line, then climbed up the line with the front side of the floating albatross as it plowed sideways directly into the bow of my boat!  There were a dozen people on board, including six teenage girls, all screaming and yelling as the boats collided and got tangled up in ropes (the barge had a dozen bumpers and ropes hanging over the sides).  I found myself hanging over the bow pushing the boats apart while untying ropes in total disgust.  The driver was apologizing profusely – he was an older grey haired gentleman with an oxygen tank hanging from his shoulder - he was clearly in shock, his eyes as big as saucers.  The water above our anchor had a smooth, glassy surface and he must have thought it was like a lake, not realizing the current beneath was powerful and swift.  He tried to explain that he had seen the Osprey nest on the top of the pile-on next to our boat and that he was trying to pull over to the island above our boat to show the girls some wildlife - but lost control when the boat got caught sideways in the current. 
Wow, what an experience to disrupt a nice, quiet morning.  However, it wasn’t over. 
We eventually got the boats untangled as I finally pushed the barge away from our boat.  The barge wound up at a direct 90 degree angle about 15 feet away from my boat when he decided to hit reverse – he hit the gas hard – we heard the sound of the engines roar but instead of backing up the front of the barge rose up and came right at us ramming into the side of my boat.  My friend came off his feet yelling “no, no” as the barge hit the side of my boat knocking all of us to the floor.  Obviously, the operator hit forward instead of reverse.  He was still in panic mode.  Then we noticed the sign on the barge that said it was a rental – these operators obviously did not know how to maneuver on the big river!  They might have been fine on a lake.
We checked the side of the boat expecting a big hole but my boat is a tank with thick metal and a tough skin.  There was a clear pair of dents but we were structurally OK.  The folks on the barge felt like idiots – they were embarrassed as we quickly exchanged names and insurance info.  Now I get to deal with all the details of getting my boat back to normal.  A nice, quiet day turned into a nightmare.  We didn’t even get a bite!
Instead, we got rammed twice by a Party Barge – in the middle of the Columbia, theoretically all by ourselves. 
Just when you think you have heard it all…….!  Good luck this season!


Len is a great story teller. Great guy with a great wife, Patty, too. I love them both!
I needed a good story, yesterday. I'm sorry for their misfortune, and that they didn't catch anything except for a large party boat, but it sure took my mind off of other things!


Jennie's Fishing Life, Complete!
Ifish Jennie on Grant's Getaways
I love my life, and it's a pleasure to fish it.

Headed out Friday morning at 0:500 buddy boating with the Kingpin on my first trip across the CR bar looking for Tuna. Had some recent reports on fish locations and figured we'd start about 25 miles WxSW. Read the full story


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Enjoy yourselves, keep your brain active and alive, and I promise you this much; I promise you this one sweet victory over our enemies, over those desk-bound people with their hearts in a safe deposit box and their eyes hypnotized by desk calculators. I promise you this: you will outlive the (bad word edited for this family site!!)."
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