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I cut my fishing teeth catching bluegill, crappie and perch.There's nothing unusual about that
July 1st anglers finally get a 7-day a week Halibut fishery inside the 40-fathom line. While nearshore Halibut was open during ‘All-Depth' days, we haven't had the greatest ocean conditions coordinating with out seasons
This spring, like all the others, we have used a lot of bait to catch springers.We use a lot of shrimp and eggs followed by herring
Serious anglers trust AFTCO when it comes to rod parts, gaffs and gloves. The same great company also makes an excellent line of fishing clothing as well
Some of my local friends recently had family visiting from Kansas and they asked if I could take them fishing. Of course I could!I asked if they were interested in salmon or something else with more action
Conversations stopped in the boat for a moment while the fancy yellow fiberglass "Go-Fast" boat, throwing a 30-foot high rooster tail, skipped along the water at 70-mph. The boat didn't bring the crew to speechlessness, but with the exhaust so loud it drowned out any attempt at verbal communication
The well-liked and respected man who gave American anglers their first look at Gamakatsu Hooks was the late Walt Hummel of Washington State.Walt lived in Woodland, Washington
We are almost over with another fun and productive springer season. Lots of fish and lots of smiles and laughs
The folks at PowerPro recently unveiled their newest creation. As we all know braided lines have revolutionized fishing over the past 10 to 15 years and PowerPro continues to be one of the worldwide industry leaders
Carmen Macdonald 05/29/15
A couple weeks ago I got one of those phone calls that as soon as you see the caller ID it gives you pause. Cheryl Posey doesn't phone this early in the morning

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green line

July 1st, 2015

Last night, in the middle of the night, Bill whispered to me, "Happy July!"
I loved that. He won!
Happy July, everyone!

June 30, 2015

I know why I don't write as much!
Remember a week or more ago, I said I had these "Aha!" moments thru out my day when I wanted to remember to write about something?
Well, yeah! I still have those! But, I've forgotten them, by the next morning! That's my problem! LOL
I have to tell you, I do remember yesterday, having several of those, "Oh! I've got to write about that, tomorrow!" moments, but yeah! I've forgotten what the heck they were by morning!
Just another sweet reminder moment, where I realize that age is catching up with me! Gah! I don't like that!
I have to really think about it, and by then, the passion is subdued.
But, I have done my morning thinking, and this is what it was.
What the heck are these things!?
I can not for the life of me, figure out what I have growing in the forest, out there, but I have declared war. I cannot stop myself from trying to eradicate them.
I have done endless research on the net, trying to figure out what they are. I don't think they are man root, "marah oraganus" or whatever you call them... (Otherwise, known as wild cucumber). I really don't think that's what they are, but they might be?
But, I did find out that my pulling them up, like you'd pull a weed, isn't doing much good.
I guess that they have a long, tuberous like root underground, and this is what continues to thrive, and sprouts again next spring. I have to kill that!? Oh, my! In a tangle of weeds, trees, vines, weeds, and all of that, I have to find the place it comes out of the ground, dig down and kill that?? Well, good luck, me!! I don't think so!
These are long green vines, with curly cue tendrils that hang down. They are awful, fast growing plants that wind up and around all of the trees and choke out the daylight!
I can't go outside with Willie, without finding a patch and instead of dedicating my attention to my demanding dog, I must... I cannot stop pulling these darn things! I am trying to save the trees or blackberries from being choked out. I know. Blackberries are not a prize for most, but I love to pick berries! I'd rather have blackberries than I would, whatever this invasive species is!
They have the ugliest of spiny fruits that hang down, and they look like something out of a sci fi movie. What's worse, is that each year, there are more, and more of these!
I have nightmares of them coming closer and closer to the house, until we are all shaded in by this crazy vine! It reminds me of shows I've seen about Kudzu.
I began, early in the Spring, untangling and pulling them out from their reaches. But, now? The danged survivors are upwards of 30 feet tall, winding up and through the trees heights. I grab the widest stem I can find, and pull it out of the tangle of leaves, above. I can't quit, until I have found most of them in one spot. Then, and only then, can I return my attention to Willie. By that time, he's bored, and wants to go in.
It scares me, sometimes. I'm sure that one of these times, it's going to be wrapped up and about a bee hive, or something I shouldn't be messing with! Yikes. A couple times I have pulled, and have been warning-whacked by a bee. I always wonder, "Is that the first in a series?" I run! So far, I've been lucky!
But, one good thing... Every year, Bill and I study the coming of the fruit tree blossoms, and wonder if we are going to be blessed with real fruit. Pears, cherries, apples, etc. We can't figure out if it's the weather, or the lack of honey or mason bees, or if it's the tree that needs to be pruned. What?
But, we were just sure that nothing was going to fruit, this year.
I have a habit of studying each tree, when I get to the coast. One by one, I stare up into the leaves, searching for any sign of a pear, an apple... just one cherry? Well...
I found Asian pears! WHOO HOOO! We have asian pears, this year! The last time was the year we had our very last ifishstock! It's been about 10 years! I couldn't wait until Bill got home from town so I could hold his hand, and take him out to see! He hadn't noticed them! WHOOP! So exciting!
The blueberries are ripening. We always have good luck, there.
Wow. It's summer time! The blackberries are next! Blackberries, and squash, and tomatoes! Oh, my!
I thought about all of that, as I walked passed a good bramble of blackberry vines, and studied the oncoming fruit.
Just wow. It seems like not a week had passed, when I was excited about our first Hood Strawberries. Now, we are already onto blackberries?! Where did the interim days go?
Because, after blackberries is Halloween, and that means that after that, winter comes, and...
I just have one thing to say about all of this. You'd better enjoy each fruit that comes, and not take one berry or pear for granted!
That's what I have to say about that!

June 27, 2015

Just so you all know, I'm doing an order for Salty Dog Burgees, and you need to pre order, if you want one! You can pre order at the store. Just scroll down on this page, till you get to the Salty Dog Burgee pic, and go to the right to use Paypal. Remember that you can use Paypal with your own credit card. It's just a method that I use that is simple!
The flag is over to your right, or you can click here to see the thread.
You can also just find the Ifish/decals store link up top and click on that. :)
Please order asap, so we can get going on this! The faster, the better! Gotta have a flag, you know! Aye, maties!

June 26, 2015

Oregon city is pretty with its fragrant blooms crowding the air, but the Kilchis house is just plain fairy tale land.
As I walk around the block in my Oregon City neighborhood, I really enjoy those warm, evening breezes. I stop to smell each neighbor's rose display, and chat with any or all of the my neighbors that are likewise enjoying the evening. I do love that! I love having nice neighbors!
But at home, there are things that make anyone envious! The crystal Kilchis river waters cascade over moss coated rocks. They are deep green and drippy just about year around. The entire picture gives the area a cool and comfortable feel.
If you listen closely, the river is playing an orchestral concert, featuring new composers each night. The music is dependent on the water's level and force. The different melodies bounce off the trees and hills that rise sharply from the river.
Tonight, I'll listen from under a stack of covers, windows full open to let the cool air and music surround me. 
In the mornings light, tiny blue butterflies dance in the suns rays, fluttering just off of my fingertips.  Pink salmon berry blossoms burst out against thick grassy brambles. Underneath a carpet of moss on a shaded trail, little purple flowers poke smiling faces out and about and rock back-and-forth in the breeze.

Perfect magic, pure joy.


Jennie's Fishing Life, Complete!
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For the past 5 or 6 years I have instructed family/friends that my ashes are to be spread at B-10, when the time comes, hopefully in a time far-far from now (previously it was a trout stream in the Yakima Valley where I am from). I am often asked why B-10 and respond by saying "I just love it". When thinking about why to myself (it can't only be the catching fish part since I have pretty good success up river and have been skunk at B-10 before ) I make a mental list of the following: Read the full story


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