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Grant's Getaways
As usual, once Labor Day roles past summer is over and the lower Columbia crowds evaporate.To their loss! I would say they all missed out
Carmen Macdonald 09/10/14
It seems that at this point, every couple of months I see another article published by notable researchers like Michael Blouin, Mark Christie and Michael Ford. To cut right to the chase, these studies conclude that the Relative Reproductive Success of hatchery fish is lower than that of wild fish
My companion didn't quite manage to turn a cloudy sky blue, but the cussing he was doing must have come pretty close.Ever find yourself fishing in some far off part of the world and the rod and reel you're having to work with just won't get the job done? That's where my friend found himself on the morning he was doing such a thorough job of practicing his profanity
Hogy Heavy Minnow Jigs will catch just about anything that swims, especially in deeper water. They can be cast and retrieved or simply jigged vertically
Starting Tuesday, September 2nd, Buoy 10 officially transitions from Chinook fishing to Coho fishing. Coho fishing has been gaining momentum in the Columbia Estuary over the last couple weeks, until this weekend where it when from good to phenomenal! With a Chinook prediction of 1
Late June and the month of July in Oregon has an unbelievable amount of outdoor opportunity, especially in the fishing world.Columbia summer chinook, halibut, tuna, rockfish, ocean salmon, summer steelhead on the big river and in tributaries, trout, warm water fish, crabbing, great clam tides, sturgeon…
Sunrise in Astoria's West Mooring BasinTides are one of the most important factors for fishing Buoy 10, and creating a game plan on when you should be in certain places is of vital importance. Have you ever noticed the guides shooting up and down the river? Well there's a reason for that, and it usually involves knowing a certain part of the river should fish on different stages of the tide
Swimbaits for AlbacoreThere is nothing better than catching any fish with the lightest tackle possible and still being able to land the fish. This applies to Albacore fishing too; nothing beats almost getting beat by a hard fighting Tuna! If you have ventured over the 125-line before, you most likely know that using Swimbaits is must in August and through September
The PENN Battle II has been awarded the Best Saltwater Reel Award at the 2014 ICAST show in Orlando, Fla. The popularity of the PENN Battle spinning reel family continues to grow as anglers recognize the durability and fishability found in this finely crafted reel
Everything else is packed. You've got everything ready from rain gear to long underwear, but one question remains

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Jennie Logsdon Martin L.O.F.
(Licensed Oregon Fisherwoman)

September 21, 2014

Bill asked, "Have you ever seen the river so low?" I said, "Of course, Bill." I giggled, and studied his face to see if he, too, remembered years back, one low water summer. Over and over, on the way home from fishing, every single time we passed a certain spot on the roadway, Bill or I would ask that same question to each other. We'd laugh as we said it. "Have you ever, ever seen the river so low?!"
And so my answer came as a matter of habit, rather than an actual answer. I hadn't been to the river, yet, as I had arrived just minutes before. I had yet to really think about it.
Yesterday, I set out to see for myself. I took a walk up the river bed. The heat was excessive for normal beach weather, as I pulled layer after layer of clothes off. The proof of how many of these overly hot days we have had were proven by the rocks, under my feet. There was an unusually wide expanse of walkable area. Indeed, Bill. I have NEVER seen the river this low! It was no joke!
You know what river rocks normally act like, right? Of course! They are bumpy, lumpy, slippery boulders that 'rock' and roll with the *waters current, and they are difficult to walk on. That's why I had found a stick-staff to keep my upright! River rocks rock and roll under your feet. Not these!
The river once rushed over the rocks that were now totally stuck and stable in the summer sun. They were seemingly glued together, under my feet.
The Kilchis "river" was but one small and stagnant stream of water over to the other side of the river bed. Perhaps five feet wide, at the widest!
My mind kept rushing back to the flooded Kilchis river days! Pictures of that river snapped through my mind. Amazing, what changes a river endures!
So, where, really does the water go? I felt like a two year old, asking myself this question. I did have to think about it. So first, there is no rain in the mountains that feed the river. Some of it had evaporated, and the rest sunk into the ground, and with it, sucked those rocks tight into the hardened and cracked earth. While that residual water sucked into the earth, the glue like algae and growths dried those otherwise tumbling rocks together like cement!
Fact was, I didn't need a walking stick! The rocks lay flat to the earth like a winding driveway into the forest. It was exciting, really, to think I could follow this river up into the hills, forever and ever and ever!
The walking was so easy that I ended up much further than I should have gone. I forgot that I can't walk far, physically! Oops! I had passed my friend Margie's home on the other side of the river, where I normally cannot go on a regular winter river's day!
So I found a shaded tree and sat down to regain enough energy to make my way home.
Willie, still full of it, came to my side where there was a sandy pit, and began to dig. I have yet to find the end of that dog's energy! I have tried!
I'm ready for the rain. I think I have finally had my fill of summer. Thing is, I love sunshine, but the sunshine offered this year has been a bit too intense for me! It's been sunny, yes, but too darn hot to even enjoy! Everything is dried and parched, and that describes my feet and my elbows, too!
Twice, yesterday, I was ready to jump in a cool shower! That just goes to show, those of us living in the Pac Northwest, we need our water! Lots and lots and lots of water! And if we can't have it, darnit, we take showers!
In one rush of a Pacific Northwest rainfall, those rocks that are now cemented together will loosen and tumble, once more. The driveway will be no more, and the only way up or down will be by driftboat.
I will once more tumble and fall on the river bed, if I don't carry a stick-staff! Now, doesn't that image sound like a better option for a river bed?
What is amazing to me, is that fish will fill that dried roadway! Life, where there is now nearly none! Water, water, water, tumbling over Volkswagen sized boulders, and fish everywhere!
Salmon and Steelhead and cutthroat will use that abundance of river water to get up into the forest, and unlike me, they will do it, without ever getting the least bit tired!
You know... Willie is a bit like those fish! I have often been amazed at the endurance of a salmon, fighting its way upstream. Yeah! Forever energy! Just like Willie!
At the end of my walk, sweating, and way over heated, I sat down on the couch in a huff, and looked at Bill.
:"Bill? Have you ever seen the river that low?"
His laugh was immediate. No doubt. He remembers!

*(By the way, I could NOT figure out if the word "waters" current should have an apostrophe or not!) Can you tell me? I think not, as I am speaking of water as plural.

September 20, 2014

I spent a bit of time this morning updating the Data/Marine page on ifish. Do you even know (you probably do!) that some of the links were from 2004?! That's hilarious to me, but probably not so much to those who use it! At the very least, though, I know that the main links folks normally use were available, there.
I cleaned it up, though, and it looks mucha betta! Not only that, but the links work! Yay!
It's beautiful here, today! Just beautiful!
Yesterday, Willie and I went to our favorite "private" beach. I better not talk about how private it is, or those darn ifishers will take it over. You know how they are about hot spots! (JOKE).
The thing is, and the entire reason I began ifish is so that others can enjoy nice places! Both to fish in, and to enjoy their life in! Cracks me up, darnit, that people don't seem to understand that life is short, and we'd better make certain one another have a darn good time while we are here. Otherwise, we are going to be living around a bunch of grouches!
Not only that, but the number one most important thing about sharing your private hot spots with others, is that they in turn will learn to love these places! If they catch fish somewhere that you love, they are going to be the first ones to help you when these places are at risk of closure, or in need of boat ramp repairs, etc. Those very people you cringed at, when you saw them, will be the first in line at meetings to help you keep these fishing areas open for fishing! Ever think of that?! I'll tell you, many years ago, Bill Monroe shed that clarity with me, and it washed over me like a girl who had just had cataract surgery! I could see! I understood it most clearly! Yes, Mr. Monroe! You are right!
Do me a favor. Think about it! Don't be a galoot! You don't really have to have eye surgery to see that this is true!

Click on the lower right corner to enlarge!

So, if you want a day to relax, enjoy, and spend time with your dog or kids, go to Garibaldi, cross the tracks, and where the bathrooms, showers, and fish cleaning station is, there is a road that goes all the way down to the bay. Take that, and park at the end.
Walk towards the bay beach and enjoy!

It's really, really lovely there! I like to take a book and hide amongst the driftwood while Willie plays!
Make sure if you aren't the only one there, that your dog is leashed and under control!

Continued bottom of

Jennie's Fishing Life, Complete!
I love my life, and it's a pleasure to fish it.
Ifish Jennie on Grant's Getaways
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...I have been seeing these birds that remind me of cardinals, but they are light gray, and have a fairly long tail with a little yellow on the bottom side of the tail. they hae a tuft on their head, a thick beak, and a black mask like a cardinal, anyone know what I am seeing? They are awesome bug hunters! Read the full story


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Enjoy yourselves, keep your brain active and alive, and I promise you this much; I promise you this one sweet victory over our enemies, over those desk-bound people with their hearts in a safe deposit box and their eyes hypnotized by desk calculators. I promise you this: you will outlive the (bad word edited for this family site!!)."
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