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When trees deep in coastal canyons see less and less of daylight, their leaves start falling in such numbers that is almost seems like a winter snow storm. As the trees shed their beautifully colored fall foliage, much of their plumage finds it's way into the rivers turning tributaries into a flowing "Snow Globes" of leaves racing towards coastal estuaries
I killed about 500 coho yesterday.Yesterday I joined a group of Tillamook Angler and NW Steelheader volunteers at the Trask Hatchery to assist ODFW in processing surplus coho for the food bank
The call surprised me.When a question comes my way as a result of something I've written about fishing, it most often originates from someone just getting into the sport
The Rod Came Back!This story sure is a testament to the effectiveness of social media for getting the word out about things.About a month ago, while fishing in Astoria, we got ifnto yet another hot bite and my client Fred stepped away from his rod to tend my bow rod when his rod folded over
Carmen Macdonald 09/25/14
It's pretty certain that last year you probably heard the term "hover fishing" or "boat bobbering." It's not a new technique, but one that went through a mini-explosion on the Columbia River last year
As usual, once Labor Day roles past summer is over and the lower Columbia crowds evaporate.To their loss! I would say they all missed out
Carmen Macdonald 09/10/14
It seems that at this point, every couple of months I see another article published by notable researchers like Michael Blouin, Mark Christie and Michael Ford. To cut right to the chase, these studies conclude that the Relative Reproductive Success of hatchery fish is lower than that of wild fish
My companion didn't quite manage to turn a cloudy sky blue, but the cussing he was doing must have come pretty close.Ever find yourself fishing in some far off part of the world and the rod and reel you're having to work with just won't get the job done? That's where my friend found himself on the morning he was doing such a thorough job of practicing his profanity
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Jennie Logsdon Martin L.O.F.
(Licensed Oregon Fisherwoman)

Fall LeavesOctober 28, 2014

It's about time you knew. I mean, what's it been? 9 years? 10?
I'm going to tell you something and if you don't like it, I'm going to just "Shake It Off!"
I knew that I couldn't keep this to myself forever, but I think it's leaked, and I might as well just come right on out and say it.
I'm a swifty.
I've tried to hide it. I've even made a different account on twitter, just so you wouldn't know. All of these years, and you thought I only had a passion for salmon.
I'm a cheater. I also love Taylor Swift.
Just like people who come back on ifish after being banned, I have tried to hide it on the internet.
More distinctly, (and more embarrassingly) I'm a swiftyoverfifty.
I created that term a couple years ago, and it stuck. I think it's rather cute, myself. :)
It was when I was laying in the hospital bed, ten years ago that I first heard Taylor. She was so young then, but I really liked her, and I loved the messages in her writing.
She inspired me to get well. I honestly think that I'm living today, due to Taylor Swift's music. She made me want to get out of bed and dance to my life.
My fan girling over a young country singer only grew over the years. I grabbed every cd she had. I watched every single youtube of her.
I searched the internet, tumblr, instagram, and twitter. I was hungry for more information, just the way I was hungry for a new recipe to cure salmon eggs. You know what that's like, right?
I became friends with other swifties. I wait anxiously, each week for new editions of Taylor Talk or Swiftcast podcasts. I'm hungry. Hungry for Taylor news!
She became an obsession, (ya think?) and last year, when I "won" pit tickets to see her in concert, I nearly died. And I mean that. I have never, ever had my heart tested in quite that way. The blood pulsed through me like never before.
Not only had I won the chance to get pit tickets, but the instructions for getting them told me I had to grab my credit card, fast- go to a certain website, and enter a certain code.
IF I was first, I would win.. I was never so panicked! I grabbed my credit card, (Where was it!?!) got to the website, and followed the instructions exactly. All of this, in a hurryhurryhurry!
It was kind of like those "ready set" contests I used to put out on the web, except for this was much more difficult and the prize, should I win, meant the world to me! I was absolutely shaking, trying to get everything right, and the first time I entered my information, I did it wrong, and it said I didn't win. But, the second time? I won! I won! I was the very proud owner of pit tickets for the Taylor Swift Red concert!
I belong to a community of Swifties and I was never so excitedly typing my joy when Bill walked in the door. I was sobbing.
He panicked. He immediately thought I had gotten bad news about my breast cancer, and held me tightly. The bad thing was that I was speechless. I couldn't get the words out to tell him not to worry.
"What's wrong, What's wrong, Jen?" He whispered ever so sweetly in my ear.
Finally I sputtered "I.. I... I won pit tickets to see Taylor!"
He let me loose and stared into my eyes. "What? What are pit tickets?"
He laughed as I finally was able to explain what had happened while he was gone. He was happy for me! He understood!
Even though I had just spent all the spending money I had allowed myself for the entire year, he understood!
I took my niece with me to go see Taylor. I took her partly to camouflage the idea that I was a swifty-over-fifty and I was just there to take my little niece to see Taylor. --but when Taylor walked out onto stage, it was more than obvious that I was there for myself.
Tears. I just stood there in awe and cried while my niece laughed at me!
The reason I tell you this, today is that I am exhausted. Don't expect me to answer many e mails today, or to help you with your computer problems with ifish. Don't expect me to write any long fishing posts, or share on the board. I'm toast.
Yesterday was the release party for Taylor's new album, "1989". I was up most of the night for two nights in a row, celebrating with the other swifties on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.
It was so much fun, as I identified the little gals that I knew from the internet, as I watched Tay on "Good Morning America" "Ellen" and several other interviewing television shows. Last night was a livecast on Yahoo and Iheart Radio.
These kids are the real fan girls who travel around wherever Taylor is. I guess they don't call them "roadies" any more.
They are Swifties. Swifties with time and money and... youth!
They are young girls, mostly, and the only thing I have in common with them, (and this is huge!) is that I adore Taylor, just as much as any one hundred of those little girl do! Darnit!
So. There you have it.
I adore Taylor Swift. I am a Swiftyoverfifty. I'm not as crazy over this pop era as I am her country songs, but I still love her, and I will support her, as long as Taylor remains Taylor. She's just the best thing since sliced bread!
As a dedicated Swifty, I must tell you to please get out to Target and buy her deluxe album, which has three extra awesome songs on it, and a whole lot more! Get your kids into Taylor. She's a great example for kids.
Oh, quit, Jennie. Just quit. I could write about and talk about her until this column is four feet down! I won't.
I just feel great that I finally am out of the closet. :)
I'm Jennie. The swiftyoverfifty.
Oh--- And by the way, I've been fishing, too! I'm back in both saddles, again!

October 25, 2014

It's like riding a bike. You never forget, really! Everything was just the same as I remembered it, including the excitement!
Yesterday, I went fishing! And nothing was going to stop me! I kept having to remind Willie that we weren't outside for him. I had no flashlights, and I wasn't going to pay much attention to him. Just enough to keep him safe from the high and rolling Kilchis river.
There were little cutthroat splashing everywhere, but I was after the big ones! It was funny, because I really do think the cutts were after my bait, just as they follow the spawning chinook.
My eggs weren't the best, but they were passable. In fact, every single chinook or silver passed my bait, right up!
I didn't care, though. I was fishing! And I had that, "Expect a fish with every cast" feeling, even if I didn't!
Oh, man, but was I tired, after! I hadn't walked the entire length of our bank in a long, long, time! My ankles wobbled back and forth in that goofy marfan way. Anyone looking at me from the road above, would have laughed at me. I'm sure I look a lot like a Raggedy Ann doll! Yep. I'm a doll. Just a funny looking one that has too many moving parts!
Today, after seeing all of the cutts, I'm going after them! I've got till the end of the month with my fly rod, so let's go! I do believe I have the bug, again!
I also have to get out there before the wind starts! Go, Jennie, go!
(And, Willie?! It's not about you, again! It's about ME! It's about FISHING and you are going to learn to like it!)
I'm a bank maggot at heart, and I miss it! You know, I caught a LOT of fish in my banking days!!! Even before I moved here!

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Jennie's Fishing Life, Complete!
I love my life, and it's a pleasure to fish it.
Ifish Jennie on Grant's Getaways

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These were simply dolloped onto brown rice crackers (Costco) and sprinkled with finely chopped green onions. Delish! Would have been the bomb with a light spread of wasabi-laced cream cheese. (I guess that's on tomorrow's shopping list!) Read the full story


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