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It's almost that time of year again for Astoria High School's Aquatic Biology Fishing Derby Fundraiser. This year it is going to be held this Saturday, April 25 at Coffenbery Lake in Fort Stevens State Park
Its mid-April, sadly it's finally time for me to fully switch over from winter steelhead to spring chinook. The balance has swung and there are now more salmon around than steelhead
Somehow I just knew that fish was going to hit.If you read my last column you know I told about being up to my boot tops in Southwest Washington's beautiful Kalama River
Andy Schneider 03/31/15
Kings for the KidsApril 25th 2015The Tournament, now in its 13th year, is the main revenue for 4 different Camps last year and will take on another camp this year; the 5-Rock Ranch, a camp designed specially for fatherless children. The Camps, Kings for the Kids funds are week long Christian summer camps that benefit local, neglected and abused foster kids
You have probably heard that the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is proposing to make some pretty big fee increases on licenses and tags. This money isn't going to improve fishing
Here's a special announcement from ifish sponsor Deeper Fishfinder:Lots of anglers have been wondering when those who develop apps and innovative devices would come out with a gadget concerning sonars and flashers. There's no secret that most of us have our smartphones while fishing, so why pay extra for the display and touch screen monitor control when you already own one? Deeper Fishfinder team realized that and developed a small, tennis ball size device that floats on the water, scans everything under the surface and sends all of the data to your iOS or Android smartphone and tablet via Bluetooth from up to 150ft/ 45 meters
I have owned a several travel rods in the past but the quality was always lacking. Enter the Fenwick Methods Travel Rod
It's that time of year again, Spring Chinook Fever is setting upon Northwest Anglers faster than the resurgence of the measles. While both illnesses have similar symptoms; fever, red and soar eyes, exhaustion
I remember it like it happened yesterday.I had finally managed to get home again after World War 11 finally ended and I had the "Fishin' Itch" so bad it was about to drive me bonkers
Fishing with "The Girls"Several years ago I wrote an article for Salmon Trout Steelheader Magazine titled "Fish like a Girl". I started out the article saying, "If anyone ever says you fish like a girl take it as a compliment

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green line

Jennie and Willie
Jennie Logsdon Martin L.O.F.
(Licensed Oregon Fisherwoman)


April 23, 2015

I was blessed with a spawning hen, this morning! What a treat! And Willie found the redd!
But, not only was it a blessing to have it happen, but for me to actually be able to see it nearly made me cry!!! That's one of the things that scared me to death about losing my eyesight. Never seeing things like salmon spawning again... I couldn't take it! But, I'd have to!!
There is something about catching fish spawning that just tickles me to no end! I screech in delight, and then get scared that I spooked them away! But, no! There she is, again! And there is the buck, right behind her, impatiently waiting. (men, huh?!) I think of Bill, revving his engine, waiting for me to get in the truck to go fishing!
Those silvery white flashes in the current are remarkable! I love it! Did I mention I love it?
It was a flashy good bye, and I'm off to the city!

April 20, 2015

Yesterday, I filled a bird feeder out in front of my office. I hadn't filled it all winter, because I couldn't see birds, anyhow! I can see them, now!
It is driving me batty looking for exactly what I want. Turns out, I may have to just order it. Paying for it is a whole different thing!
When you walk in my Oregon City home, the cement walk has bark dust chunks on one side that end up on the cement, all the time. Drives me crazy, kicking them back in.
I casually mentioned it to my sister as we walked in the house, and she said, "Hmmm." You need a pretty white planter box, there." Oh, my gosh! I do!
I measured it. It needs to be about 3 feet long. That would be SO perfect! I wish I had tons of discretionary money. Craigslist has people who make these. Darnit. Just may have to do it!
I'm back at the river. I can barely walk, today. My back is killing me from helping Bill put up the wood, yesterday. Even though I had the easy job, my back is ruined! I'm kidding. I'll be fine. I'm just out of shape!
We are going to go clamming one day, and fishing one day.
I heard that the ocean was rough, so clamming is tough. A friend of ours said it was a game of stamping out in the waves. I sure hope that changes. Today would be the best day, really. But, both Bill and I are pooped from yesterday's activities. We sure got a bunch done, though!
I am so out of shape from this last round of medical stuff. I sure lose muscle tissue fast. I'm realizing I'm not 19, any more.
I remember when I was oh... 35 or so, and asking an older gentleman friend when it was that he first realized that he felt older. You know, when he could really tell that age was having an impact. He said 50.
I'm 55. I get it! I get it!
At the same time, I still feel like a kid! Both at heart, and at body, too! I mean, the other day I was so happy that I tried to skip. That isn't happening! I couldn't raise my body off the ground high enough to do the "skip" in skipping! Try it! Not happening!
I guess I'll just stick with smiling, when I'm happy. Those muscles are still fine.
Yesterday, I went halfway down the steps from the bedroom where Bill sat on the bed, and thought twice, and went back up.
I had to get this off my chest.
"Bill? Do you know how happy I am, that I can see? I felt so old, when I had to rely on you and David. Remember when David would take me to North Plains, and you would pick me up, just to get me to the coast? I can drive now, Bill! All by myself! I can see how beautiful the maple tree is, out back! The green of the meadow and the bursting beauty of the red rhodies around the house! I can see, Bill!"
People chuckle when I say that I feel so lucky. But, I just am! I could look at all the bad medical things that I have been through, and say that I'm full of woe, but the doctors have always put Humpty Dumpty back together, again! I am lucky!
I firmly believe that you have to see and experience bad things, in order to understand how good things are! Things we all take for granted, if they are taken from us, seem like miracles when they come back!
I am so lucky that I feel like skipping!
I know better, though!
I'll just sit here like a goofball and smile. :).

April 14, 2015
There will be no funeral for ifish.net

I always forget that it is April... and what that means to ifish.
Regardless, I wake up, and start mulling the same thing I was mulling over, last night.
"Is ifish REALLY dying?"
Someone on the board asked that, a while back. News travels, so my neighbor asked, "So, are they just leaving that place in droves?" Even though that's a scary thought, it makes me giggle.
I'm very susceptible to worry over these things, you know. Or, I used to be, anyhow, so a familiar darkness comes over me. Much less than when I owned ifish, but a faint wash of that same feeling kicks me in the gut.
It's funny how people are. They like drama, and if they question something bad, it becomes so.
Yes. Facebook is a popular thing. I find myself on Facebook, almost every day, also. Just like you can have more than one BFF, you can have more than one community. :) That's the awesomeness of the internet! Different communities have different personalities.
I like facebook because I can control it. I can make my own community and block out who I don't want to have around. I fill my Facebook with happy things, and if someone makes me unhappy, poof! They are gone with a click of my mouse!
Facebook makes me laugh out loud. That's uncommon for me, and I am liking it! I think back to Ginny of "Ginny and Glenn" and how she used to say that laughter is the best medicine. Oh, it is! It is!
You can't block the bad people out, in real life.
You can kind of block people out on ifish. We have an ignore button, but it just isn't the same, because while reading a conversation thread, you know someone is commenting, due to the responses it invokes. It drives me crazy, and I can't do it! "What did they say to cause this response?" ...and pretty soon, I've un-ignored them. :)
When I am moderating, as you probably can guess, I just can't ignore anyone. It's my job to know what everyone is saying.
Anyhow, I sent Pete a note of concern and as normal, he fixed my concern over ifish's Enquirer rumored "death." (Too funny! I just tried to backspace a period on this column, and found out it was a bit of something on the screen!) Anyhow...
Pete took a sample of real stats (not Google stats, but a count of how many posts and how many threads) and proved to me that no. Ifish is not dying. :) I like proof! I love Pete!
April is an historically slow month on ifish. People are out fishing. There are no big contests right now. The rods have been won for the "first springer" and people are out catching their ninth and tenth springers! I have a calendar of events for ifish, and I've had it forever. I always looked forward to this period, as it is a period of rest, until Ifishstock. We haven't even had ifishstock for years, so it's a long, long period of nothing! Maybe we should fix that!
Anyhoo.... I'm banned from fishing this year, thanks to my eye problems. (Darn doctors!)
But, we have a boat on order from RB BOATS and I have decided that once we get our boat, I'm going SPRINGER fishing!!!! I told Bill that if I happen to hook into one, all I want is the bite, and after that, he can play it to the boat for me. :) I can't wait!!! I just hope it isn't one of those "Jerk me out of the seat" freight train bites that can happen when they bite and head the other way! (Well, I kind of hope it isn't...)LOLOLOLOL I tell you, I have been pulled right up and out of my seat with those bites! The entire thought of fishing again excites me so much! I miss it so much that I'm to the point of grabbing my rod, and having Bill tug on the end of the line, just to replicate the feeling. Beleive it or not, we have done that very thing, before!
Thing is, I do not want to have another one of those hemorrhages. That was the worst thing that has ever happened to me! You would think my aortic dissection was worse, but I was asleep or in shock for most of that. This was the most painful, awful thing that I still have nightmares about! I didn't know they made pain like that! I wish I could forget it! I really, really do, but it's planted in my mind, and I think I suffer from (what's that called when people are freaked out over something? ) PTSD! That's it! Yeah! I have that over my eye thing! I'm not kidding! I wake up in a panicked sweat, thinking it's going to happen again! Bizarro!
The only cure, I believe, is to hook a springer. I'm going to report this to the doctor, this afternoon, and see what he says. :)
I have had a lot on my mind, lately, and fishing is the only way to open it up, so that I can write about it. I miss fishing in my life, so very much! I can't wait till trout season, so that I can at least fish for something. I prefer bigger species, but you know, my health is more important right now.
When I don't fish, my mind gets boggled up with thoughts, and they won't come out, until I cast a line. So, when I do... watch out! This column is going to fill up, really fast!

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Jennie's Fishing Life, Complete!
Ifish Jennie on Grant's Getaways
I love my life, and it's a pleasure to fish it.

My Uncle Dud Nelson built this boat back in the early 70's. After he passed away I restored it. Been using it for about Ten years and it's time to put it back in dry dock to repair the Dry Rot. As bad as it is, it's the only bad spot on the boat. Going to get started on it today and will post updates. Read the full story


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