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VOTE! Your favorite 2015 Kwikfish!
David Johnson 11/18/14
I quit deer hunting about 20 years ago, it always got in the way of fall chinook fishing because the best time to hunt was always the last week of October and the first week of November, which is also usually when we get the first big rains of fall and some very good fishing.The last few falls I did buy a western buck tag but only got out a couple times around my house with no success
I'm one of the luckiest old timers who ever picked a tangled backlash out of his level wind reel.And when I mention luck, I'm not thinking of the wondrous opportunities I've had to fish from the Amazon to Alaska or the fish I've put in the boat from Nevada to New Zealand
The new FIN-NOR Lethal 2-speed Lever-drag reels feature an oversized stainless drive gear and pinion, a more powerful Megadrag construction and Megashield ­corrosion ­protection. The exclusive Megadrag system combines ­carbon-fiber and stainless-steel drag plates, with Cal's Grease for ­heat-dissipating ­performance
When trees deep in coastal canyons see less and less of daylight, their leaves start falling in such numbers that is almost seems like a winter snow storm. As the trees shed their beautifully colored fall foliage, much of their plumage finds it's way into the rivers turning tributaries into a flowing "Snow Globes" of leaves racing towards coastal estuaries
I killed about 500 coho yesterday.Yesterday I joined a group of Tillamook Angler and NW Steelheader volunteers at the Trask Hatchery to assist ODFW in processing surplus coho for the food bank
The call surprised me.When a question comes my way as a result of something I've written about fishing, it most often originates from someone just getting into the sport
The Rod Came Back!This story sure is a testament to the effectiveness of social media for getting the word out about things.About a month ago, while fishing in Astoria, we got ifnto yet another hot bite and my client Fred stepped away from his rod to tend my bow rod when his rod folded over
Carmen Macdonald 09/25/14
It's pretty certain that last year you probably heard the term "hover fishing" or "boat bobbering." It's not a new technique, but one that went through a mini-explosion on the Columbia River last year
As usual, once Labor Day roles past summer is over and the lower Columbia crowds evaporate.To their loss! I would say they all missed out
Carmen Macdonald 09/10/14
It seems that at this point, every couple of months I see another article published by notable researchers like Michael Blouin, Mark Christie and Michael Ford. To cut right to the chase, these studies conclude that the Relative Reproductive Success of hatchery fish is lower than that of wild fish

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Jennie Logsdon Martin L.O.F.
(Licensed Oregon Fisherwoman)

November 18, 2014

VOTE (Click on VOTE!) and vote for your favorite Kwikfish! Spent all day yesterday creating the poll, and I can't wait to see who wins! Let's get this race on the road!
After we get the top 5 winners, we'll have one last vote, and then, that's the winner! Whoo hooo!
Oh! By the way! For all of the people who knew and adored Karla from the Smokehouse, this is from Grant!
I was so busy yesterday with the poll, that I didn't even see this until MsOutdoors posted it on the board, and then I checked my e mail! (So, it's not tonight, it was last night!) Don't fear, though! You can watch it linked below, or next weekend on TV! Set your recordings! I record every segment anyhow, just because I like watching old and new!
PS "Jeff" Kastner is his awesome photographer.
PSS. We have TWO grosbeaks hanging around. It's awfully late in the year!

Hi Jen - Bill

I attended Karla's memorial in RB yesterday and it was SRO - so many people who knew her thru the decades had so many kind things to say about Karla.
Jeff and I also produced a segment that will air in this weekend's GG program - it airs tonight at 11:35pm and it will re-air next weekend on NW Cable News across the region.
It was posted to the KGW site today and I thought you might consider sharing with Ifish members and in your next column - I am certain many members and readers had long friendships or had done business with Karla over the half century that she operated "Karla's Smokehouse."


November 16, 2014

"Good morning, Hummie."
(My neck cracks as I yawn.)
"Not feeling so good."
My head lowers to rest on the desk, nearly spilling my coffee. The above two sentences were about as much as I could eek out of me this morning.
Honest to God, I haven't felt this bad since consuming some kind of cheap wine in my senior year of high school with a girlfriend. It was called MD 20/20. It tasted like bad Kool-Aid, but it went down like good Kool-Aid. As a first timer, it also affected me strongly, as I had zero tolerance for alcohol.
And when I walked into my parents home, I learned all too well, that they had zero tolerance for this behavior. YIKES.
Mr. Hummy listens even to my thoughts, it seems.
Mr Hummy is listening and consoling me, while beating those tiny wings a million times per second. His beady little eyes seemed, to the contrary, soft and caring. He is suspended in air, just watching me. He gets me.
I yawn again. My head pounds. He stays.
"Stayed up too late, last night, Mr. Hummy."
It's not my fault. Bill's cheering and yelling lasted till well after midnight. Even after the game ended, Bill's excitement about the game kept me up later and later.
I need to think of a name for Mr. Hummy.
Mr. Hummy becomes bored with my whining and so, moves on to the feeder.
All of the sudden, two hummies showed up, whizzing around each other! Two! We've never had two in the winter! I'm as excited as I can be, which isn't nearly as much as on a normal feel-good-happy day.
Right now, as much as I love snow, my excitement would have been the same. Not so much!
You know, I'm not much into football, but I have to say that the excitement of having the Beavers win last night was contagious. I couldn't help but be hyped up!
Before hand, Bill gave me a short, elementary lesson predicting why they might be slayed.
Upstairs, I was wrapped up in covers, trying to watch 20/20, and trying to drift off, as Bill anxiously and with much animation, cheered the Beavers, down stairs.
No doubt by the sounds of it, his prediction was wrong!
I'm way split down the middle regarding the Ducks and the Beavers. My side of the family are all Ducks from way back. My Grandfather was a Duck. He was in some prestigious fraternity that my brother David was also a member of. I'm ashamed that I don't know what it was called, but it is history in our family to be a good and proud Duck.
Along comes Bill, the Beaver. Not only a Beaver, but a very dedicated Beaver, at that.
Once, while fishing, my brother David was on the dock, waiting to be picked up by Bill, in Bill's boat. As we got closer, we spotted David, all dressed in Green and yellow, and by his side, a green and yellow Duck tackle bag.
Bill, also, has memorabilia of many sorts. OSU hats, sweatshirts, dice hanging from his truck mirror, bumper stickers, jackets, and such. He even has a flag to fly off his boat!
Beaver, meet Duck. UH OH.
As we came closer to the dock, Bill was able to make out all that (darn) Ducks gear, and as we slowed down on approach to pick him up, Bill immediately sped up and right past my brother!
It was a joke. David and Bill actually get on very well. and we did laughingly come back to pick him up, but it wasn't without a lot of ribbing for the duration of the trip!
In another event at Thanksgiving, full bellied, Bill and I headed out to his truck to leave, only to find his Beavers decorated truck, all dressed in Duck memorabilia.
It's all in fun. (I think?)
I'm the oddball in both families, in more ways than a million. I am the black sheep who has not graduated from College at all. I am neither Duck nor Beaver. On my Facebook page, it asks what college I went to and what I studied.
College? Portland State
Studied? Not much.
And that's the truth!
Amongst the many disadvantages of not graduating college, it does free me up to root for any or both or many teams!
I spitter-spattered my education here and there. I spittered music privately for twenty some years, and spattered Portland State and many Community colleges, dependant on which community I lived in, at the time. Anywhere from Clatsop to Clackamas, I have credits!
For the longest time, the only credit I didn't have, was with my Mom. My Mom continuously tried to get me to settle down and settle in. To be "normal".
Her final effort was to get me adjusted at OSU, oddly enough!
At that time, I had just broken up with a long time boyfriend, and I was extremely heart broken. She thought if I could just get into school, meet some friends in a dormitory situation, I would get over the heart break and "become something". You know, "normal". :)
Frankly, I think my whole life, she didn't understand me. I also didn't understand me.
I wasn't a cookie cutter kid, like my sisters and

Continued bottom of

Jennie's Fishing Life, Complete!
I love my life, and it's a pleasure to fish it.
Ifish Jennie on Grant's Getaways

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I am new on this site, but on the gun blogs I am on, I love to look at what people have done to their guns. This site needs a show your boat and how you have customized it. If there is one on here please point me the way or start posting some pictures of your boat, ship, raft, etc. I just ordered my new boat but it won't be here until August. Please post a picture of your boats. Tlakidd Read the full story


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