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Grant's Getaways
The call surprised me.When a question comes my way as a result of something I've written about fishing, it most often originates from someone just getting into the sport
The Rod Came Back!This story sure is a testament to the effectiveness of social media for getting the word out about things.About a month ago, while fishing in Astoria, we got ifnto yet another hot bite and my client Fred stepped away from his rod to tend my bow rod when his rod folded over
Carmen Macdonald 09/25/14
It's pretty certain that last year you probably heard the term "hover fishing" or "boat bobbering." It's not a new technique, but one that went through a mini-explosion on the Columbia River last year
As usual, once Labor Day roles past summer is over and the lower Columbia crowds evaporate.To their loss! I would say they all missed out
Carmen Macdonald 09/10/14
It seems that at this point, every couple of months I see another article published by notable researchers like Michael Blouin, Mark Christie and Michael Ford. To cut right to the chase, these studies conclude that the Relative Reproductive Success of hatchery fish is lower than that of wild fish
My companion didn't quite manage to turn a cloudy sky blue, but the cussing he was doing must have come pretty close.Ever find yourself fishing in some far off part of the world and the rod and reel you're having to work with just won't get the job done? That's where my friend found himself on the morning he was doing such a thorough job of practicing his profanity
Hogy Heavy Minnow Jigs will catch just about anything that swims, especially in deeper water. They can be cast and retrieved or simply jigged vertically
Starting Tuesday, September 2nd, Buoy 10 officially transitions from Chinook fishing to Coho fishing. Coho fishing has been gaining momentum in the Columbia Estuary over the last couple weeks, until this weekend where it when from good to phenomenal! With a Chinook prediction of 1
Late June and the month of July in Oregon has an unbelievable amount of outdoor opportunity, especially in the fishing world.Columbia summer chinook, halibut, tuna, rockfish, ocean salmon, summer steelhead on the big river and in tributaries, trout, warm water fish, crabbing, great clam tides, sturgeon…
Sunrise in Astoria's West Mooring BasinTides are one of the most important factors for fishing Buoy 10, and creating a game plan on when you should be in certain places is of vital importance. Have you ever noticed the guides shooting up and down the river? Well there's a reason for that, and it usually involves knowing a certain part of the river should fish on different stages of the tide

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Jennie Logsdon Martin L.O.F.
(Licensed Oregon Fisherwoman)

Fall LeavesOctober 14, 2014

I am swimming in frustration about fishing. Yes. Fishing!
I'm afraid to pull out my tag and even look at it. I'm afraid to see... nothing.
I believe that this would be the first year that there would be nothing on my salmon tag. Even when my aorta gave out on me and I was off on medical for months, I know for a fact I still had something on my tag!
But this year... All year long? Nothing? Really?
Bill will probably be the first to tell me that I'm wrong! And he's probably right. He'll probably remind me of some fish I caught somewhere. There probably is one, but like I said, I'm afraid to look. One fish just isn't me, anyhow! Eleven is me. Or nine. Or even just three! Sometimes we just don't keep a fish. But... one? One tagged fish all year? And the thought of none???
Bill and I seem to be stuck in that position of not having a fishing routine. In order to go fishing regularly... In order to be "dialed in" to fishing, you must have a routine. A comfortable routine. And let me be the first to tell you, once you lose that routine, it's darn hard to get back in it.
People write to me, sometimes and ask me how to get started. That is a really, really good question. I find myself in this position, lately. I think I'll write back to them and see how they are doing. Maybe they can help me!
Once we get back into a comfortable, familiar routine, we'll be fine. We'll be comfortable. We'll know what we are doing, and wave hello to the familiar faces that are also in the same routine at the take out!
But once you let that routine go, you are a stranger in a strange land and don't look! You may have an empty tag, just like me! That's horrific!
Sometimes I find myself wondering what the heck I'm doing with a fishing column. I always fall back into the excuse that I know ifish.net. I created it, and I can always talk about the board, or point out what's interesting to look at, or how we do things, or why we moderate this or that. What it's like to run a fishing board, etc., or I can simply write about the Kilchis river, and my life, blah, blah, blah.
The guides. The guides who know about fishing (see over on the left, there?) They know fishing and do it daily. They can talk about fishing! Me? I'm on an unpaid, "no fish on my tag" sabbatical!
This must change.
Fishing has always been my life and my passion.
In my absence, I've tried beading, getting back into music, gardening, all kinds of things, but it just didn't grab me like fishing did.
I keep thinking about my Mom talking about a bus man's holiday. I asked her what it was. I remember going away thinking it was when you lose passion for what you do, when you do it for pay. Is that right?
That happened to me with piano. I lost my passion for it when I played too many hours in a bar. Five hours, banging out your repertoire hurts! When you get home, the last thing you want to do is (go on a bus ride) play that dang piano!
I'm finally back to the point where I enjoy sitting down at the piano and expressing my feelings. It took me years, though! Years away from playing for pay.
I've been involved with ifish.net for 15 years, now. Almost 16! I sold it what? Three years ago? Four? I've had less and less responsibility behind the wheel.
I've been really worried that with all the competition I see written on the boards, all of the selfish attitudes; the lack of helping one another, and the increasing bitterness and squabbles I try to settle, the crowds at the boat ramps, all of that! Frankly, it turns me off! It turned me away.
I should be so lucky! I have a whole river to myself to fish! But, see? I want to go where other people go to fish! Fishing is a community thing! I want to help and to be helped. I want to share fishing with others! I don't get this new selfish "it's mine all mine!" attitude!
My greatest memories of fishing are with others. Fishing, shoulder to shoulder, and sharing the excitement when someone's rod goes down! What happened to that?
Lately, I've been having these pangs of excitement, though, and it really gives me hope.
I'll spot a new development in the river that looks like it may hold fish and my heart skips a beat. Or, I'll see a truck pulling a nice boat, and my mind goes racing back to Bill and I, pulling the boat home from a good day on the water. Cold out, but warm inside the truck, with the windshield wipers keeping time...
I recall back to when Bill and I opened up our old jet boat to full speed. We were flying past cars on the highway at the ghost hole. I looked up at Bill as the wind blew hard on his face and erased any sign of age! He looked 22! I remember thinking, "As long as I hold that image in my mind, I'm always going to be with Bill and I'm always going to love fishing!"
I still hold that image like it was yesterday.
As we await our new boat from R&B, I have dreams of what great days on the water we will have and where we might go. What we'll develop as our new routine... I'm so proud of how good we are at launching together, and what a great fishing team we are!
Good things are happening in my mind! I may be coming "home"!
I sure hope so, because I'm not liking this "Bus man's Holiday" much.
As the rain fell over the last couple days, I'd take walks on the Kilchis river. My boots slid over the slippery rocks until I found a big one to sit down on. I studied the increasing currents, as the foamy water cascaded over the small boulders. I waited for that one big salmon to jump out of the water, and majestically fight to make it over the riffle. You know that scene you see on the big screen as the salmon try to make it upstream and 'over the falls', to spawn? See it in your mind? I sure do!
It got me all excited to fish. I just can't quite get up the energy to do everything I must do, to get there! Darnit! I just don't understand why it's so hard to get there! I want to be IN the routine, instead of trying to start one!
As I do less and less on ifish, as I spend more time again, living on the banks of the Kilchis river, and less time in the city, my heart is calling me home. Home to fishing.
I want to fish. I do! I miss it with every boat that passes me on the road, and with every walk on the river.
Baby steps. That's how I'll do it. I'll do it with baby steps.
When I get back to the river, I'm going to pull my salmon rods down, one by one, and dust them off really well. Maybe have Bill help me clean the reels, and put fresh line on.
And by golly, all of you on the boards who want to fight and argue and hide your secret spots by sending hate mail to anyone who tries to help someone? Look out. I'm not going to tolerate those attitudes. Fishing is to share! Fishing is to help others!
The very first time I ran across this problem on the board, someone had attacked me for creating ifish and creating overcrowding on the rivers. I was upset and confused about how to feel about that, and how to react. I created ifish to share the passion and fun and to talk about something I loved. I did it, thinking others would love this, too! What is more fun when you can't fish, but to talk about it?
Bill Monroe came to my rescue! He solved the problem in my mind!
Bill Monroe taught me that the more people we have who love fishing and the more people we have who love our rivers, the more people who we will have to be there to help keep those rivers open for fishing! If we keep it to ourselves, then we only have ourselves to fight for our fish. I don't know about you, but I can't do that alone!
So, sorry, not sorry--- I'm going to help someone who wants to fish and to learn to love our fish and our rivers!
This bus is slowly coming to a stop. I know in my heart that I'm coming home...
I'm coming home to fishing. And I may just invite some friends, over, too!

October 13, 2014

Can you see it?
If not, click here! I lightened it!

So excited! We caught a little black bear with our webcam!

October 12, 2014
Watch the OHS telethon on KATU 2 or stream it live

It's been a strange week!
The last couple days I've been sick with some kind of strange flu/food poisoning. I'm finally starting to feel like a normal person, though! It was a short illness. 24 hour bug or something. The strange part is that I came home on Thursday, and my roommate, Tammy, was sick in bed. I immediately started with the extreme hand washing, but to no avail. I caught it almost instantly (!?) and in 24 hours, I had it! Is that possible? Well, it happened! The same exact symptoms! The same exact time frame! Just bizarre!
It started with feeling extremely hungry, then immediately sick after eating. Then, a fever for a short duration, and then stomach pains that wouldn't quit for the next 24 hours!!! Yuck!
So, on Thursday, that morning, I had been at the beach, and getting ready to go fishing. That morning, Bill and I had a total miscommunication.
It started as a frustrating morning.
Let me tell you. Willie pretty much runs my life. When I was ill, it was downright frustrating. That dog needs. Period. He just needs!
I love him so dearly, but he also drives me batty.
When I was visiting Don from Seasurf last week in Seaside, his wife mentioned she wanted a dog, but Don thought it would take up too much time. It depends! During this conversation, though, I told him that wasn't true, and that he should get a dog! I'm a liar! Sometimes... oh, sometimes you get a dog that does take up too much of your time. Other times...
As always, though, it's an equals thing. The more you put into something, the more you get out of it. (woof!) I would never trade Willie for anything. As bad as he is, he is awesome!
I remember back to when I had Kilchis, and I had my aortic surgery. I couldn't do anything

Continued bottom of

Jennie's Fishing Life, Complete!
I love my life, and it's a pleasure to fish it.
Ifish Jennie on Grant's Getaways

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Howling wind came down through the canyon, funneling through the steep rocky walls, compressing and picking up speed and lots of dust along the way. You could hear the gusts coming long before feeling them hit the shelter we were trying to sleep in. I lay there wishing I had brought the wall tent, but had not wanted to take the time to set it up for only two night's worth of protection. Dust covered everything that was exposed. With the wind though, came a jump in the temperature, so at least it was not cold. The easy-up bent to the gusts each time they slammed into to it. It would have flown away long ago had it not been for all the coolers holding down the tarps connected to it. I spent a night getting up and fixing tarps where the wind would try and pull them from the easy-ups skeleton. And when sleep would find me, my Neanderthal open mouthed snoring method, only served to get my teeth coated in dust! At last, as the wind folded back a corner of one tarp, and I could see the first rays of morning light creeping over the cliffs across the river. I got up and turned on the lantern that was swinging wildly from its tether. It brought groans from those clinging to what shelter the easy-up afforded us. I knew this was a disaster in the making! ... Read the full story


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Be as I am - a reluctant enthusiast...a half-hearted fanatic. Save the other half of yourselves and your lives for pleasure and adventure. It is not enough to fight for the land; it is even more important to enjoy it. While you can. While it's still there. So get out there, and hunt and fish, and mess around with your friends, ramble out yonder and explore the forests, encounter the Grizz, climb the mountains, bag the peaks, run the rivers, breathe deep of that yet sweet air, sit quietly for a while and contemplate the precious stillness, that lovely mysterious and awesome space.
Enjoy yourselves, keep your brain active and alive, and I promise you this much; I promise you this one sweet victory over our enemies, over those desk-bound people with their hearts in a safe deposit box and their eyes hypnotized by desk calculators. I promise you this: you will outlive the (bad word edited for this family site!!)."
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